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  • Understanding the reports
  • Seeing which assessments were used in the analyses
  • How user accounts in EVAAS work
  • How the data was analyzed
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  • Logging on
  • Managing accounts, usernames, passwords, and unique ID numbers
  • Requesting a professional development session

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  • Description of EVAAS
  • Information about the statistical models and business rules
  • Information about K-2 reports
Refer to the EVAAS login page
  • Policies related to the reports
  • Creating or updating a district admin account
  • Understanding how teacher reports affect evaluations
  • Ask policy questions about Roster Verification, such as how to
    • Handle your specific claiming issues
    • Enter percentages of instructional responsibility
Contact NCDPI
Accessing your teacher reports after retiring or moving to a different districtContact the HR department in your previous district.
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Verifying rosters

Contact EVAAS Technical Support if you cannot log on or have questions not addressed in the resources above.