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Waccamaw in Brunswick County Schools

School Information
Enrollment327Min Tested Grade3Max Tested Grade8
% Academically or Intellectually Gifted14% American Indian/Alaskan Native5% Asian/Pacific Islander5
% Black (not Hispanic)16% Economically Disadvantaged Students44% English Learners12
% Female46% Hispanic17% Homeless5
% Male54% Minority38% Students with Disabilities16
% Two or More Races5% Unknown (Race)5% White (not Hispanic)62

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The demographic percentages reported in the table below are based only on students who were assessed in the selected assessment during the 2021-22 school year. As a result, these values may differ from other information distributed or published by DPI.

Average Growth Index (AGI) = 0 : On average, the students in this school made growth as expected.
Average Growth Index (AGI) > 0 : A larger AGI provides more evidence that, on average, students in this school made more growth than expected.
Average Growth Index (AGI) < 0 : The further the AGI is below 0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students in this school made less growth than expected.

Schoolsorted descendingDistrictAverage Growth Index
WaccamawBrunswick County Schools2.99
East Yancey MiddleYancey County Schools5.83
Burnsville ElementaryYancey County Schools0.94
Cane River MiddleYancey County Schools0.14
Micaville ElementaryYancey County Schools-0.27
Mountain Heritage HighYancey County Schools-0.35
South Toe ElementaryYancey County Schools-1.75
Blue Ridge ElementaryYancey County Schools-3.76
Yadkin Early CollegeYadkin County Schools2.29
Fall Creek ElementaryYadkin County Schools1.67
Courtney ElementaryYadkin County Schools0.40
Jonesville ElementaryYadkin County Schools-0.26
East Bend ElementaryYadkin County Schools-0.61
Yadkin Success AcademyYadkin County Schools-1.84
West Yadkin ElementaryYadkin County Schools-2.27
Forbush ElementaryYadkin County Schools-3.07
Forbush HighYadkin County Schools-4.97
Yadkinville ElementaryYadkin County Schools-5.69
Forbush MiddleYadkin County Schools-5.91
Boonville ElementaryYadkin County Schools-5.98
Starmount MiddleYadkin County Schools-6.54
Starmount HighYadkin County Schools-6.72
Ronald W Reagan High SchoolWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools11.11
Clemmons Middle SchoolWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools9.18
Kernersville MiddleWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools8.81
Lewisville ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools8.79
Atkins Academic & Tech HighWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools7.16
Old Town ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools5.97
Kernersville ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools5.22
Cook Literacy Model SchoolWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools5.05
Frank Morgan ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools4.78
Gibson ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools4.52
Southwest ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools4.35
Jefferson ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools4.05
Old Richmond ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools3.82
Ibraham ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools3.46
The Downtown SchoolWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools2.80
Petree ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools2.74
Konnoak ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools2.65
Easton Elementary SchoolWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools2.53
Sedge Garden ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools2.47
Lewisville MiddleWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools2.37
Rural Hall ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools2.36
Walkertown MiddleWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools2.35
Whitaker ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools2.31
Cash ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools2.29
Clemmons ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools2.28
Vienna ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools1.92
Meadowlark MiddleWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools1.88
Griffith ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools1.76
Piney Grove ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools1.66
Early College of Forsyth CoWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools1.49
Ashley AcademyWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools1.37
Meadowlark ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools1.35
Bolton ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools1.22
Sherwood Forest ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools1.03
South Fork ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools0.83
Hanes Magnet SchoolWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools0.66
East Forsyth Middle SchoolWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools0.65
Brunson ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools0.31
Walkertown ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools0.12
North Hills ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools0.05
Smith Farm ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-0.07
Moore Magnet ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-0.45
J F Kennedy HighWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-0.47
West Forsyth HighWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-0.50
Union Cross Traditional AcadWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-0.64
Carver HighWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-0.74
Diggs-Latham ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-0.77
Northwest MiddleWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-0.89
Kimmel Farm ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-1.15
Winston-Salem Preparatory AcadWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-1.23
Speas ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-1.24
Kimberley Park ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-1.31
Mineral Springs ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-1.61
Caleb's Creek ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-1.98
Thomas Jefferson MiddleWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-2.50
Mount Tabor High SchoolWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-2.72
Forest Park ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-2.83
Hall-Woodward ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-2.89
Ward ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-3.17
Robert B Glenn High SchoolWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-3.45
Philo-Hill Magnet AcademyWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-3.53
Flat Rock MiddleWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-4.19
Wiley Magnet MiddleWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-4.20
Southeast MiddleWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-5.02
Walkertown HighWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-5.42
R J Reynolds HighWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-5.87
North Forsyth HighWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-6.52
East Forsyth HighWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-8.01
Parkland HighWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-8.91
Virtual AcademyWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-9.73
Mineral Springs MiddleWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-11.07
Paisley IB Magnet SchoolWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-11.50
Lucama ElementaryWilson County Schools9.57
Wilson Early College AcademyWilson County Schools6.90
Rock Ridge ElementaryWilson County Schools4.86
Winstead ElementaryWilson County Schools4.11
B O Barnes ElementaryWilson County Schools3.99
Vinson-Bynum ElementaryWilson County Schools3.67
Gardners ElementaryWilson County Schools3.65
New Hope ElementaryWilson County Schools3.61
Wells ElementaryWilson County Schools3.21
Beddingfield HighWilson County Schools3.07
Forest Hills MiddleWilson County Schools2.85
Lee Woodard ElementaryWilson County Schools2.77
James Hunt HighWilson County Schools2.56
Frederick Douglass ElementaryWilson County Schools2.16
Stantonsburg ElementaryWilson County Schools1.74
Wilson Academy of Applied TechnologyWilson County Schools1.70
Margaret Hearne ElementaryWilson County Schools1.10
John W Jones ElementaryWilson County Schools-0.00
Wilson Academy of Virtual EducationWilson County Schools-1.02
Vick ElementaryWilson County Schools-1.77
Fike HighWilson County Schools-2.56
Elm City MiddleWilson County Schools-2.66
Milton M Daniels Learning CenterWilson County Schools-3.15
Charles H Darden MiddleWilson County Schools-4.42
Speight MiddleWilson County Schools-5.56
Toisnot MiddleWilson County Schools-6.16
Springfield MiddleWilson County Schools-8.36
Millers Creek Elementary SchoolWilkes County Schools4.02
North Wilkes High SchoolWilkes County Schools2.89
Moravian Falls Elementary SchoolWilkes County Schools2.11
Wilkes Early College High SchoolWilkes County Schools1.96
Traphill Elementary SchoolWilkes County Schools1.33
West Wilkes Middle SchoolWilkes County Schools0.57
North Wilkesboro Elementary SchoolWilkes County Schools0.46
Roaring River Elementary SchoolWilkes County Schools-0.14
Mulberry Elementary SchoolWilkes County Schools-0.21
Mount Pleasant Elementary SchoolWilkes County Schools-0.59
North Wilkes Middle SchoolWilkes County Schools-0.63
Mountain View Elementary SchoolWilkes County Schools-0.75
West Wilkes High SchoolWilkes County Schools-0.86
Boomer-Ferguson Elementary SchoolWilkes County Schools-1.06
Wilkesboro Elementary SchoolWilkes County Schools-1.12
Ronda-Clingman Elementary SchoolWilkes County Schools-1.61
Wilkes Central High SchoolWilkes County Schools-2.03
East Wilkes High SchoolWilkes County Schools-2.24
C B Eller Elementary SchoolWilkes County Schools-3.11
East Wilkes Middle SchoolWilkes County Schools-4.21
C C Wright Elementary SchoolWilkes County Schools-6.41
Central Wilkes Middle SchoolWilkes County Schools-7.21
Central MiddleWhiteville City Schools-0.52
Whiteville HighWhiteville City Schools-5.52
Edgewood ElementaryWhiteville City Schools-7.32
Weldon MiddleWeldon City Schools2.05
Weldon Elementary Global AcademyWeldon City Schools0.76
Roanoke Valley Early CollegeWeldon City Schools-1.21
Weldon STEM High School Career AcademiesWeldon City Schools-1.36
Northwest ElementaryWayne County Public Schools8.59
Spring Creek HighWayne County Public Schools6.23
Grantham ElementaryWayne County Public Schools5.76
Spring Creek ElementaryWayne County Public Schools4.60
Rosewood MiddleWayne County Public Schools3.94
Rosewood ElementaryWayne County Public Schools3.47
Carver ElementaryWayne County Public Schools2.99
Wayne Early / Middle College HighWayne County Public Schools2.96
Norwayne MiddleWayne County Public Schools2.46
Dillard MiddleWayne County Public Schools0.41
Carver Heights ElementaryWayne County Public Schools0.30
Meadow Lane ElementaryWayne County Public Schools0.06
Eastern Wayne MiddleWayne County Public Schools-0.91
Wayne School of EngineeringWayne County Public Schools-1.20
Greenwood MiddleWayne County Public Schools-1.48
Eastern Wayne ElementaryWayne County Public Schools-1.53
Tommy's Road ElementaryWayne County Public Schools-1.69
Fremont STARS ElementaryWayne County Public Schools-2.51
Mount Olive MiddleWayne County Public Schools-2.64
Brogden PrimaryWayne County Public Schools-2.78
Wayne Middle / High AcademyWayne County Public Schools-3.46
Spring Creek MiddleWayne County Public Schools-3.98
Charles B Aycock HighWayne County Public Schools-4.95
Northeast ElementaryWayne County Public Schools-5.11
Rosewood HighWayne County Public Schools-5.34
Grantham MiddleWayne County Public Schools-6.65
Goldsboro HighWayne County Public Schools-6.65
Southern Wayne HighWayne County Public Schools-7.74
Eastern Wayne HighWayne County Public Schools-8.29
Brogden MiddleWayne County Public Schools-10.20
Parkway ElementaryWatauga County Schools7.19
Hardin Park ElementaryWatauga County Schools6.87
Watauga HighWatauga County Schools4.74
Mabel ElementaryWatauga County Schools2.29
Blowing Rock ElementaryWatauga County Schools2.12
Watauga Virtual AcademyWatauga County Schools1.67
Watauga Innovation AcademyWatauga County Schools1.48
Valle Crucis ElementaryWatauga County Schools0.85
Cove Creek ElementaryWatauga County Schools0.55
Green Valley ElementaryWatauga County Schools0.04
Bethel ElementaryWatauga County Schools-1.75
Washington Early College HighWashington County Schools3.77
Washington County MiddleWashington County Schools3.58
Pines ElementaryWashington County Schools1.83
Creswell ElementaryWashington County Schools-0.49
Washington County HighWashington County Schools-4.59
Warren New Tech HighWarren County Schools0.74
Warren Early College HighWarren County Schools0.72
Mariam Boyd ElementaryWarren County Schools-0.99
Warren County MiddleWarren County Schools-1.31
Northside K-8Warren County Schools-1.33
Vaughan ElementaryWarren County Schools-2.67
Warren County HighWarren County Schools-3.58
Mills Park MiddleWake County Schools13.70
Panther Creek HighWake County Schools11.65
Wake STEM Early College High SchoolWake County Schools10.74
South Garner HighWake County Schools9.81
Holly Ridge ElementaryWake County Schools8.89
Apex Friendship MiddleWake County Schools8.59
Athens Drive HighWake County Schools8.31
Leesville Road MiddleWake County Schools8.17
North Wake College and Career AcademyWake County Schools8.15
Cary HighWake County Schools7.98
Apex Friendship HighWake County Schools7.56
Green Hope HighWake County Schools7.25
Green Level HighWake County Schools7.21
Bryan Road ElementaryWake County Schools6.99
Heritage MiddleWake County Schools6.72
Lake Myra ElementaryWake County Schools6.65
Holly Springs HighWake County Schools6.60
Creech Road ElementaryWake County Schools6.55
White Oak ElementaryWake County Schools6.45
Davis Drive MiddleWake County Schools6.38
Enloe HighWake County Schools6.19
Wake Early College of Health and ScienceWake County Schools5.99
Hodge Road ElementaryWake County Schools5.86
Rolesville ElementaryWake County Schools5.67
Apex HighWake County Schools5.66
Weatherstone ElementaryWake County Schools5.54
River Bend MiddleWake County Schools5.52
Cedar Fork ElementaryWake County Schools5.36
Vernon Malone College and Career AcademyWake County Schools5.21
Middle Creek HighWake County Schools5.15
Walnut Creek ElementaryWake County Schools4.66
Rogers Lane ElementaryWake County Schools4.66
Cary ElementaryWake County Schools4.35
Wakefield HighWake County Schools4.00
Farmington Woods ElementaryWake County Schools3.78
Pine Hollow MiddleWake County Schools3.71
Forestville Road ElementaryWake County Schools3.59
Holly Springs ElementaryWake County Schools3.53
Carver ElementaryWake County Schools3.46
Fuquay-Varina MiddleWake County Schools3.43
River Oaks MiddleWake County Schools3.36
Salem MiddleWake County Schools3.28
Lufkin Road MiddleWake County Schools3.15
East Wake HighWake County Schools3.15
Barwell Road ElementaryWake County Schools3.11
Bugg ElementaryWake County Schools3.00
Swift Creek ElementaryWake County Schools2.97
Hortons Creek ElementaryWake County Schools2.97
Beaverdam ElementaryWake County Schools2.96
Buckhorn Creek ElementaryWake County Schools2.94
Holly Grove MiddleWake County Schools2.81
Salem ElementaryWake County Schools2.80
Combs ElementaryWake County Schools2.80
Wendell MiddleWake County Schools2.77
Sanderson HighWake County Schools2.75
Poe ElementaryWake County Schools2.73
Mount VernonWake County Schools2.73
Fox Road ElementaryWake County Schools2.57
Brentwood ElementaryWake County Schools2.56
Jones Dairy ElementaryWake County Schools2.52
Ballentine ElementaryWake County Schools2.45
Knightdale ElementaryWake County Schools2.43
Fuquay-Varina HighWake County Schools2.25
Stough ElementaryWake County Schools2.20
Lincoln Heights ElementaryWake County Schools2.17
Wake Forest High SchoolWake County Schools2.10
Wildwood Forest ElementaryWake County Schools2.00
Hilburn Drive AcademyWake County Schools1.94
Wakelon ElementaryWake County Schools1.92
Richland Creek ElementaryWake County Schools1.91
Durant Road MiddleWake County Schools1.91
Reedy Creek MiddleWake County Schools1.91
Leesville Road HighWake County Schools1.86
Zebulon MiddleWake County Schools1.85
Adams ElementaryWake County Schools1.82
West Lake ElementaryWake County Schools1.75
Carpenter ElementaryWake County Schools1.75
Lynn Road ElementaryWake County Schools1.75
Alston Ridge MiddleWake County Schools1.61
Wakefield MiddleWake County Schools1.60
Davis Drive ElementaryWake County Schools1.59
Penny Road ElementaryWake County Schools1.57
North Garner MiddleWake County Schools1.56
Briarcliff ElementaryWake County Schools1.42
Crossroads FLEXWake County Schools1.41
Apex MiddleWake County Schools1.39
Wiley ElementaryWake County Schools1.35
Middle Creek ElementaryWake County Schools1.20
Abbotts Creek ElementaryWake County Schools1.15
Willow Spring HighWake County Schools1.13
Underwood ElementaryWake County Schools1.07
Vandora Springs ElementaryWake County Schools1.06
Laurel Park ElementaryWake County Schools1.00
Needham Broughton HighWake County Schools0.95
Olive Chapel ElementaryWake County Schools0.94
Douglas ElementaryWake County Schools0.76
Alston Ridge ElementaryWake County Schools0.75
Neuse River MiddleWake County Schools0.74
Yates Mill ElementaryWake County Schools0.73
River Bend ElementaryWake County Schools0.68
Pleasant Grove ElementaryWake County Schools0.59
Heritage ElementaryWake County Schools0.59
Kingswood ElementaryWake County Schools0.58
Wake Young Women's Leadership AcademyWake County Schools0.53
West Cary MiddleWake County Schools0.51
Centennial Campus MiddleWake County Schools0.40
Smith ElementaryWake County Schools0.34
Lockhart ElementaryWake County Schools0.33
Green Hope ElementaryWake County Schools0.24
Wake Young Men's Leadership AcademyWake County Schools0.14
East Garner ElementaryWake County Schools0.10
Southeast Raleigh ElementaryWake County Schools0.06
Baucom ElementaryWake County Schools-0.02
Sycamore Creek ElementaryWake County Schools-0.06
Heritage HighWake County Schools-0.10
Conn ElementaryWake County Schools-0.22
Wilburn ElementaryWake County Schools-0.24
Root ElementaryWake County Schools-0.32
Partnership ElementaryWake County Schools-0.33
Millbrook HighWake County Schools-0.51
Timber Drive ElementaryWake County Schools-0.51
Willow Springs ElementaryWake County Schools-0.59
Parkside ElementaryWake County Schools-0.61
Oak Grove ElementaryWake County Schools-0.65
Wakefield ElementaryWake County Schools-0.69
Fuller ElementaryWake County Schools-0.71
Zebulon ElementaryWake County Schools-0.78
Sanford Creek ElementaryWake County Schools-1.02
Brooks ElementaryWake County Schools-1.05
Oakview ElementaryWake County Schools-1.10
North Forest Pines ElementaryWake County Schools-1.12
North Ridge ElementaryWake County Schools-1.18
Reedy Creek ElementaryWake County Schools-1.26
Green ElementaryWake County Schools-1.26
Vance ElementaryWake County Schools-1.26
Jeffreys Grove ElementaryWake County Schools-1.27
Baileywick Road ElementaryWake County Schools-1.30
Brassfield ElementaryWake County Schools-1.31
Rand Road ElementaryWake County Schools-1.31
Phillips HighWake County Schools-1.33
Apex ElementaryWake County Schools-1.33
Rolesville MiddleWake County Schools-1.36
Carnage MiddleWake County Schools-1.37
Wake Forest ElementaryWake County Schools-1.39
Connections AcademyWake County Schools-1.40
Leesville Road ElementaryWake County Schools-1.42
Olds ElementaryWake County Schools-1.46
Turner Creek ElementaryWake County Schools-1.63
East Millbrook MiddleWake County Schools-1.64
Durant Road ElementaryWake County Schools-1.69
South Lakes ElementaryWake County Schools-1.71
Forest Pines Drive ElementaryWake County Schools-1.91
Knightdale HighWake County Schools-1.93
Scotts Ridge ElementaryWake County Schools-2.21
Wendell ElementaryWake County Schools-2.26
Garner HighWake County Schools-2.35
York ElementaryWake County Schools-2.36
Lead Mine ElementaryWake County Schools-2.60
West Millbrook MiddleWake County Schools-2.99
Joyner ElementaryWake County Schools-3.03
Southeast Raleigh HighWake County Schools-3.07
Northwoods ElementaryWake County Schools-3.07
Wake Forest Middle SchoolWake County Schools-3.10
Highcroft ElementaryWake County Schools-3.15
Pleasant Union ElementaryWake County Schools-3.18
Aversboro ElementaryWake County Schools-3.26
SCORE AcademyWake County Schools-3.31
Banks Road ElementaryWake County Schools-3.33
Martin MiddleWake County Schools-3.56
Millbrook ElementaryWake County Schools-3.69
Holly Ridge MiddleWake County Schools-3.75
Dillard Drive ElementaryWake County Schools-3.83
Powell ElementaryWake County Schools-3.85
Ligon MiddleWake County Schools-3.94
West Lake MiddleWake County Schools-3.95
Herbert Akins Rd ElementaryWake County Schools-4.09
Dillard Drive MiddleWake County Schools-4.09
Morrisville ElementaryWake County Schools-4.13
Washington ElementaryWake County Schools-4.19
Oberlin MiddleWake County Schools-4.27
Brier Creek ElementaryWake County Schools-4.34
Lacy ElementaryWake County Schools-4.34
Harris Creek ElementaryWake County Schools-4.96
Rolesville HighWake County Schools-4.96
Mills Park ElementaryWake County Schools-5.01
Carroll MiddleWake County Schools-5.65
Moore Square MiddleWake County Schools-5.79
Fuquay-Varina ElementaryWake County Schools-5.85
Holly Grove ElementaryWake County Schools-5.96
East Garner MiddleWake County Schools-6.42
East Cary MiddleWake County Schools-6.51
Hunter ElementaryWake County Schools-8.23
Aycock ElementaryVance County Schools3.69
Dabney ElementaryVance County Schools3.24
Zeb Vance ElementaryVance County Schools3.18
L B Yancey ElementaryVance County Schools2.35
Pinkston Street ElementaryVance County Schools2.24
Vance Co Early CollegeVance County Schools1.97
E O Young Jr ElementaryVance County Schools0.94
New Hope ElementaryVance County Schools0.90
Carver ElementaryVance County Schools0.61
STEM Early HighVance County Schools0.06
Vance County Middle SchoolVance County Schools-0.59
E M Rollins ElementaryVance County Schools-0.90
Clarke ElementaryVance County Schools-1.52
AdVance AcademyVance County Schools-2.03
Vance County High SchoolVance County Schools-4.24
Vance Virtual Village AcademyVance County Schools-6.59
Cuthbertson HighUnion County Public Schools8.07
Weddington HighUnion County Public Schools6.39
Central Academy of Technology and ArtsUnion County Public Schools5.23
Piedmont HighUnion County Public Schools5.02
Indian Trail ElementaryUnion County Public Schools4.85
Union County Early CollegeUnion County Public Schools4.76
Sardis ElementaryUnion County Public Schools4.61
Marvin Ridge HighUnion County Public Schools4.02
Rocky River ElementaryUnion County Public Schools2.33
East ElementaryUnion County Public Schools1.96
Wesley Chapel ElementaryUnion County Public Schools1.81
Waxhaw ElementaryUnion County Public Schools1.75
Marshville ElementaryUnion County Public Schools1.37
Marvin Ridge MiddleUnion County Public Schools1.32
Parkwood HighUnion County Public Schools0.94
Weddington MiddleUnion County Public Schools0.67
Porter Ridge Middle SchoolUnion County Public Schools0.56
Weddington ElementaryUnion County Public Schools0.55
New Salem ElementaryUnion County Public Schools0.43
Kensington ElementaryUnion County Public Schools0.36
Benton Heights ElementaryUnion County Public Schools0.11
Porter Ridge High SchoolUnion County Public Schools-0.12
Unionville ElementaryUnion County Public Schools-0.20
Rock Rest ElementaryUnion County Public Schools-0.51
Stallings ElementaryUnion County Public Schools-0.85
Rea View ElementaryUnion County Public Schools-1.03
Poplin ElementaryUnion County Public Schools-1.26
Prospect ElementaryUnion County Public Schools-1.43
East Union MiddleUnion County Public Schools-1.66
New Town ElementaryUnion County Public Schools-1.86
Sandy Ridge ElementaryUnion County Public Schools-2.08
Union ElementaryUnion County Public Schools-2.15
Wingate ElementaryUnion County Public Schools-2.24
Piedmont MiddleUnion County Public Schools-2.31
Fairview ElementaryUnion County Public Schools-2.36
Monroe HighUnion County Public Schools-2.96
Antioch ElementaryUnion County Public Schools-3.04
South ProvidenceUnion County Public Schools-3.06
Walter Bickett ElementaryUnion County Public Schools-3.46
Hemby Bridge ElementaryUnion County Public Schools-3.78
Western Union ElementaryUnion County Public Schools-3.83
Cuthbertson MiddleUnion County Public Schools-3.87
Marvin ElementaryUnion County Public Schools-4.01
Sun Valley MiddleUnion County Public Schools-4.05
Forest Hills HighUnion County Public Schools-4.13
Parkwood MiddleUnion County Public Schools-4.28
Sun Valley HighUnion County Public Schools-4.65
Porter Ridge ElementaryUnion County Public Schools-4.85
Monroe MiddleUnion County Public Schools-6.17
Shiloh Valley ElementaryUnion County Public Schools-7.65
Columbia HighTyrrell County Schools1.26
Columbia MiddleTyrrell County Schools1.20
Tyrrell ElementaryTyrrell County Schools0.78
Rosman HighTransylvania County Schools3.92
Brevard HighTransylvania County Schools2.36
Rosman MiddleTransylvania County Schools0.68
Brevard MiddleTransylvania County Schools0.66
TCS Online Learning PathTransylvania County Schools0.43
Brevard ElementaryTransylvania County Schools-0.94
Rosman ElementaryTransylvania County Schools-1.43
Pisgah Forest ElementaryTransylvania County Schools-3.40
Davidson River SchoolTransylvania County Schools-3.57
T C HendersonTransylvania County Schools-4.44
Thomasville MiddleThomasville City Schools2.43
Thomasville PrimaryThomasville City Schools-1.89
Liberty Drive ElementaryThomasville City Schools-6.29
Thomasville HighThomasville City Schools-7.98
Swain County East ElementarySwain County Schools1.11
Swain County High SchoolSwain County Schools-1.60
Swain County West ElementarySwain County Schools-2.57
Swain County Middle SchoolSwain County Schools-4.25
Surry Early CollegeSurry County Schools2.05
Pilot Mountain MiddleSurry County Schools2.05
Franklin ElementarySurry County Schools1.58
Cedar Ridge ElementarySurry County Schools0.87
Rockford ElementarySurry County Schools0.68
North Surry HighSurry County Schools0.43
Flat Rock ElementarySurry County Schools0.11
J Sam Gentry MiddleSurry County Schools-0.53
Mountain Park ElementarySurry County Schools-1.33
Westfield ElementarySurry County Schools-1.38
Surry Online Magnet SchoolSurry County Schools-1.96
Copeland ElementarySurry County Schools-2.04
Shoals ElementarySurry County Schools-2.59
Dobson ElementarySurry County Schools-2.87
White Plains ElementarySurry County Schools-3.10
Pilot Mountain ElementarySurry County Schools-3.52
Surry Central HighSurry County Schools-3.77
Meadowview Magnet MiddleSurry County Schools-4.35
Central MiddleSurry County Schools-5.58
East Surry HighSurry County Schools-7.78
West Stokes High SchoolStokes County Schools7.98
Stokes Early College High SchoolStokes County Schools3.08
Nancy Reynolds Elementary SchoolStokes County Schools1.82
King Elementary SchoolStokes County Schools1.36
Sandy Ridge Elementary SchoolStokes County Schools1.19
North Stokes High SchoolStokes County Schools0.10
Pinnacle Elementary SchoolStokes County Schools0.00
Mount Olive Elementary SchoolStokes County Schools-1.63
Pine Hall Elementary SchoolStokes County Schools-1.64
Lawsonville Elementary SchoolStokes County Schools-1.78
London Elementary SchoolStokes County Schools-1.97
South Stokes High SchoolStokes County Schools-2.27
Walnut Cove Elementary SchoolStokes County Schools-2.51
Poplar Springs Elementary SchoolStokes County Schools-2.87
Germanton Elementary SchoolStokes County Schools-3.09
Southeastern Stokes Middle SchoolStokes County Schools-3.64
Meadowbrook AcademyStokes County Schools-3.81
Piney Grove Middle SchoolStokes County Schools-4.69
Chestnut Grove Middle SchoolStokes County Schools-4.93
Oakboro Choice STEMStanly County Schools6.11
Badin ElementaryStanly County Schools5.87
Locust ElementaryStanly County Schools5.30
Stanly Early College HighStanly County Schools3.20
Stanly STEM Early CollegeStanly County Schools3.13
Central ElementaryStanly County Schools2.14
West Stanly Middle SchoolStanly County Schools1.81
West Stanly HighStanly County Schools0.97
Richfield ElementaryStanly County Schools0.94
Millingport ElementaryStanly County Schools0.90
Albemarle MiddleStanly County Schools-0.33
Stanly Academy Learning CenterStanly County Schools-0.81
Norwood ElementaryStanly County Schools-0.98
Endy ElementaryStanly County Schools-1.13
South Stanly MiddleStanly County Schools-1.33
East Albemarle ElementaryStanly County Schools-1.39
Stanfield ElementaryStanly County Schools-1.80
Stanly County Virtual EducationStanly County Schools-1.94
Aquadale ElementaryStanly County Schools-2.58
South Stanly HighStanly County Schools-2.61
North Stanly MiddleStanly County Schools-5.49
Albemarle HighStanly County Schools-6.04
North Stanly HighStanly County Schools-8.12
South Johnson ElementaryScotland County Schools5.91
Spring Hill MiddleScotland County Schools4.40
Laurel Hill ElementaryScotland County Schools1.03
Carver MiddleScotland County Schools-0.16
Scotland Early College HighScotland County Schools-0.39
Sycamore Lane ElementaryScotland County Schools-3.38
Scotland High SchoolScotland County Schools-3.97
Wagram ElementaryScotland County Schools-5.35
Midway MiddleSampson County Schools6.67
Plain View ElementarySampson County Schools6.00
Midway ElementarySampson County Schools2.96
Hargrove ElementarySampson County Schools1.98
Sampson Early College HighSampson County Schools1.37
Union MiddleSampson County Schools0.61
Salemburg ElementarySampson County Schools0.12
Clement ElementarySampson County Schools-0.14
Union HighSampson County Schools-0.33
Midway HighSampson County Schools-0.77
Hobbton ElementarySampson County Schools-1.45
Roseboro ElementarySampson County Schools-1.89
Hobbton MiddleSampson County Schools-2.57
Lakewood HighSampson County Schools-3.32
Hobbton HighSampson County Schools-3.34
Roseboro-Salemburg MiddleSampson County Schools-3.83
Union IntermediateSampson County Schools-5.31
East Rutherford High SchoolRutherford County Schools4.15
Spindale Elementary SchoolRutherford County Schools3.33
Forest City-Dunbar Elementary SchoolRutherford County Schools2.93
Pinnacle Elementary SchoolRutherford County Schools2.82
Cliffside Elementary SchoolRutherford County Schools1.17
Rutherfordton Elementary SchoolRutherford County Schools0.69
Sunshine Elementary SchoolRutherford County Schools0.16
Forrest W. Hunt Elementary SchoolRutherford County Schools-0.38
Harris Elementary SchoolRutherford County Schools-0.91
R-S Central High SchoolRutherford County Schools-1.06
Rutherford Early College High SchoolRutherford County Schools-1.83
Chase High SchoolRutherford County Schools-2.76
Ellenboro Elementary SchoolRutherford County Schools-2.82
Rutherford Opportunity CenterRutherford County Schools-2.89
Mt. Vernon-Ruth Elementary SchoolRutherford County Schools-3.43
R-S Middle SchoolRutherford County Schools-3.77
East Rutherford Middle SchoolRutherford County Schools-6.54
Chase Middle SchoolRutherford County Schools-7.89
Mt Ulla ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools3.48
Rowan Co Early CollegeRowan-Salisbury Schools1.67
Isenberg ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools1.45
Koontz ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools0.97
West Rowan ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools0.79
Landis ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-0.39
Bostian ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-0.51
Granite Quarry ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-0.94
Millbridge ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-1.97
Hurley ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-1.98
Rockwell ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-2.40
Summit K-8 Virtual AcademyRowan-Salisbury Schools-2.48
Knollwood ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-2.63
Carson HighRowan-Salisbury Schools-2.69
Salisbury HighRowan-Salisbury Schools-2.74
China Grove ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-2.78
East Rowan HighRowan-Salisbury Schools-3.03
North Rowan HighRowan-Salisbury Schools-3.64
Corriher Lipe MiddleRowan-Salisbury Schools-3.71
Overton ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-4.13
Knox MiddleRowan-Salisbury Schools-4.85
North Rowan ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-5.08
North Rowan MiddleRowan-Salisbury Schools-5.50
West Rowan HighRowan-Salisbury Schools-5.90
Morgan ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-5.92
Dole ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-6.54
Shive ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-6.59
Erwin MiddleRowan-Salisbury Schools-7.13
South Rowan HighRowan-Salisbury Schools-7.46
Southeast MiddleRowan-Salisbury Schools-7.58
West Rowan MiddleRowan-Salisbury Schools-8.21
China Grove MiddleRowan-Salisbury Schools-12.61
Western Rockingham MiddleRockingham County Schools6.27
Rockingham County MiddleRockingham County Schools5.75
Central ElementaryRockingham County Schools5.22
Reidsville MiddleRockingham County Schools4.94
Williamsburg ElementaryRockingham County Schools4.54
Leaksville-Spray ElementaryRockingham County Schools2.74
Stoneville ElementaryRockingham County Schools2.59
Rockingham Co Early College HighRockingham County Schools2.48
Wentworth ElementaryRockingham County Schools2.36
John W Dillard AcademyRockingham County Schools1.78
Rockingham County HighRockingham County Schools1.41
Bethany ElementaryRockingham County Schools0.93
Monroeton ElementaryRockingham County Schools-0.11
Lincoln ElementaryRockingham County Schools-0.53
J E Holmes MiddleRockingham County Schools-0.70
Douglass ElementaryRockingham County Schools-0.82
South End ElementaryRockingham County Schools-1.42
Huntsville ElementaryRockingham County Schools-1.52
Dalton McMichael HighRockingham County Schools-4.79
Reidsville HighRockingham County Schools-7.41
John M Morehead HighRockingham County Schools-8.64
Manning Elementary SchoolRoanoke Rapids City Schools2.07
Roanoke Rapids Early College HighRoanoke Rapids City Schools1.11
Chaloner Middle SchoolRoanoke Rapids City Schools-1.29
Belmont Elementary SchoolRoanoke Rapids City Schools-3.75
Roanoke Rapids High SchoolRoanoke Rapids City Schools-9.78
Richmond 9th Grade AcademyRichmond County Schools5.45
L J Bell ElementaryRichmond County Schools3.82
Ellerbe MiddleRichmond County Schools3.29
Richmond Early College HighRichmond County Schools3.29
Rockingham MiddleRichmond County Schools3.24
Monroe Avenue ElementaryRichmond County Schools2.59
Cordova MiddleRichmond County Schools2.29
Mineral Springs ElementaryRichmond County Schools1.94
Hamlet MiddleRichmond County Schools1.55
Fairview Heights ElementaryRichmond County Schools1.22
East Rockingham ElementaryRichmond County Schools-0.25
West Rockingham ElementaryRichmond County Schools-0.71
Ashley Chapel Educational CenterRichmond County Schools-3.63
Washington Street ElementaryRichmond County Schools-7.68
Richmond Senior HighRichmond County Schools-10.83
Northeast Regional School - Biotech/Agri (94Z)Regional Schools1.60
Randolph Early College High SchoolRandolph County School System5.24
Hopewell Elementary SchoolRandolph County School System2.11
Southmont Elementary SchoolRandolph County School System1.10
Level Cross Elementary SchoolRandolph County School System0.31
Liberty Elementary SchoolRandolph County School System0.30
Seagrove Elementary SchoolRandolph County School System-0.43
Farmer Elementary SchoolRandolph County School System-0.64
Randleman Middle SchoolRandolph County School System-0.69
Randleman Elementary SchoolRandolph County School System-0.75
Trinity High SchoolRandolph County School System-1.25
Trinity Elementary SchoolRandolph County School System-1.89
Wheatmore Middle SchoolRandolph County School System-1.97
New Market Elementary SchoolRandolph County School System-2.26
Archdale Elementary SchoolRandolph County School System-2.69
Providence Grove High SchoolRandolph County School System-2.89
Tabernacle Elementary SchoolRandolph County School System-3.20
Grays Chapel Elementary SchoolRandolph County School System-3.25
Wheatmore High SchoolRandolph County School System-3.28
Coleridge Elementary SchoolRandolph County School System-3.39
Trindale Elementary SchoolRandolph County School System-3.54
John R Lawrence Elementary SchoolRandolph County School System-3.84
Ramseur Elementary SchoolRandolph County School System-3.98
Southwestern Randolph MiddleRandolph County School System-4.28
Eastern Randolph High SchoolRandolph County School System-4.35
Trinity Middle SchoolRandolph County School System-4.92
Franklinville Elementary SchoolRandolph County School System-5.00
Randleman High SchoolRandolph County School System-5.62
Northeastern Randolph Middle SchoolRandolph County School System-5.82
The Virtual Academy at RandolphRandolph County School System-8.39
Southeastern Randolph Middle SchoolRandolph County School System-8.99
Southwestern Randolph High SchoolRandolph County School System-9.32
Uwharrie Ridge Six-TwelveRandolph County School System-11.63
Prospect ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County9.45
Pembroke MiddlePublic Schools of Robeson County9.37
Oxendine ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County6.74
Magnolia ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County6.68
Union Chapel ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County6.29
PSRC Early College at RCCPublic Schools of Robeson County5.75
Littlefield MiddlePublic Schools of Robeson County5.47
East Robeson PrimaryPublic Schools of Robeson County5.19
Saint Pauls HighPublic Schools of Robeson County4.92
Saint Pauls ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County4.14
Rowland Norment ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County3.34
Union ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County3.33
Tanglewood ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County2.30
Saint Pauls MiddlePublic Schools of Robeson County2.26
Rex-Rennert ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County1.79
Parkton ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County0.90
Fairmont MiddlePublic Schools of Robeson County0.77
Lumberton JuniorPublic Schools of Robeson County0.76
Fairgrove Elementary SchoolPublic Schools of Robeson County0.27
W H KnucklesPublic Schools of Robeson County0.18
Peterson ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County-0.52
Orrum MiddlePublic Schools of Robeson County-0.60
Pembroke ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County-0.63
L Gilbert CarrollPublic Schools of Robeson County-0.65
South Robeson Middle SchoolPublic Schools of Robeson County-0.75
Long Branch ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County-1.27
Lumberton Senior HighPublic Schools of Robeson County-1.28
Piney Grove ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County-1.99
Fairmont HighPublic Schools of Robeson County-3.51
Purnell Swett HighPublic Schools of Robeson County-3.70
Rosenwald ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County-3.95
Deep Branch ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County-4.07
Red Springs HighPublic Schools of Robeson County-4.27
Townsend ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County-4.70
Red Springs MiddlePublic Schools of Robeson County-8.68
Henderson Collegiate (91B)Public Charter Schools18.77
Sallie B Howard School (98A)Public Charter Schools13.60
Durham Charter School (32B)Public Charter Schools13.46
Voyager Academy (32L)Public Charter Schools9.48
Raleigh Charter High School (92K)Public Charter Schools9.41
Maureen Joy Charter School (32A)Public Charter Schools8.23
North East Carolina Prep (33A)Public Charter Schools8.20
Greensboro Academy (41B)Public Charter Schools7.98
Reaching All Minds Academy (32Q)Public Charter Schools7.84
Quality Education Academy (34B)Public Charter Schools7.39
KIPP Gaston College Preparatory (66A)Public Charter Schools6.23
Triad Math and Science Academy (41F)Public Charter Schools6.06
Peak Charter Academy (93M)Public Charter Schools5.70
Alpha Academy (26B)Public Charter Schools5.35
PreEminent Charter (92M)Public Charter Schools5.05
KIPP Durham College Preparatory (32S)Public Charter Schools4.99
Triangle Math and Science Academy (92T)Public Charter Schools4.68
Eno River Academy (68A)Public Charter Schools4.68
CIS Academy (78A)Public Charter Schools3.99
East Voyager Academy of Charlotte (61W)Public Charter Schools3.93
Old Main Stream (78C)Public Charter Schools3.75
Clover Garden (01C)Public Charter Schools3.69
Johnston Charter Academy (51B)Public Charter Schools3.45
Forsyth Academy (34F)Public Charter Schools3.40
Lincoln Charter School (55A)Public Charter Schools3.35
Summerfield Charter Academy (41J)Public Charter Schools3.16
Faith Academy Charter School (80C)Public Charter Schools3.15
Alamance Community School (01F)Public Charter Schools2.89
Southeastern Academy (78B)Public Charter Schools2.77
Envision Science Academy (92Y)Public Charter Schools2.57
Torchlight Academy (92L)Public Charter Schools2.53
Vance Charter School (91A)Public Charter Schools2.36
Research Triangle High School (32N)Public Charter Schools2.26
ArtSpace Charter School (11B)Public Charter Schools2.22
College Prep and Leadership Academy (41H)Public Charter Schools2.20
Sugar Creek Charter (60B)Public Charter Schools2.10
Dillard Academy (96C)Public Charter Schools2.03
Research Triangle Charter (32H)Public Charter Schools1.97
Success Institute Charter (49D)Public Charter Schools1.94
RISE Southeast Raleigh Charter (93J)Public Charter Schools1.93
NC Leadership Charter Academy (34H)Public Charter Schools1.92
Next Generation Academy (41M)Public Charter Schools1.91
A.C.E. Academy (13C)Public Charter Schools1.88
Invest Collegiate Transform (60Q)Public Charter Schools1.79
Matthews Charter Academy (61R)Public Charter Schools1.79
Two Rivers Community School (95A)Public Charter Schools1.77
Community School of Digital & Visual Art (32C)Public Charter Schools1.76
Winterville Charter Academy (74C)Public Charter Schools1.73
The Institute Development Young Leaders (32P)Public Charter Schools1.71
Lake Norman Charter (60D)Public Charter Schools1.69
Community School of Davidson (60I)Public Charter Schools1.65
Children's Village Academy (54A)Public Charter Schools1.60
Lake Lure Classical Academy (81B)Public Charter Schools1.57
Movement Charter School (61T)Public Charter Schools1.56
Global Scholars Academy (32M)Public Charter Schools1.51
Piedmont Community Charter School (36B)Public Charter Schools1.46
STARS Charter (63B)Public Charter Schools1.42
The Exploris School (92B)Public Charter Schools1.40
FernLeaf (45B)Public Charter Schools1.39
Mountain Discovery (87A)Public Charter Schools1.33
Marjorie Williams Academy (06B)Public Charter Schools1.30
Southwest Charlotte STEM Academy (62J)Public Charter Schools1.26
Wilmington Preparatory Academy (65B)Public Charter Schools1.13
Iredell Charter Academy (49G)Public Charter Schools1.11
Doral Academy of North Carolina (93V)Public Charter Schools1.06
Chatham Charter (19A)Public Charter Schools0.97
Guilford Preparatory Academy (41C)Public Charter Schools0.88
The Expedition School (68C)Public Charter Schools0.85
Socrates Academy (60J)Public Charter Schools0.83
Charlotte Secondary (60K)Public Charter Schools0.76
Langtree Charter Academy (49F)Public Charter Schools0.75
Stewart Creek High (61L)Public Charter Schools0.57
KIPP Halifax College Preparatory (42A)Public Charter Schools0.49
The Learning Center (20A)Public Charter Schools0.47
Bethel Hill Charter (73A)Public Charter Schools0.39
Monroe Charter Academy (90D)Public Charter Schools0.38
Classical Charter Schools of Wilmington (65C)Public Charter Schools0.28
United Community School (61K)Public Charter Schools0.19
MINA Charter School of Lee County (53C)Public Charter Schools0.12
Lakeside Charter Academy (61J)Public Charter Schools0.09
Wake Forest Charter Academy (92V)Public Charter Schools0.09
The Mountain Community Sch (45A)Public Charter Schools0.08
Discovery Charter (32T)Public Charter Schools0.08
Roxboro Community School (73B)Public Charter Schools0.06
River Mill Academy (01B)Public Charter Schools0.06
Central Park School For Child (32K)Public Charter Schools-0.02
Crosscreek Charter School (35A)Public Charter Schools-0.06
Anderson Creek Academy (43C)Public Charter Schools-0.06
Oxford Preparatory (39B)Public Charter Schools-0.25
Cornerstone Charter Academy-CFA (41G)Public Charter Schools-0.32
Falls Lake Academy (39A)Public Charter Schools-0.44
UpROAR Leadership Academy (61U)Public Charter Schools-0.47
Classical Charter Schools of Whiteville (24N)Public Charter Schools-0.50
KIPP Charlotte (60L)Public Charter Schools-0.62
Central Wake High School (93L)Public Charter Schools-0.74
Girls Leadership Academy of Wilmington (65G)Public Charter Schools-0.76
Carolina International School (13A)Public Charter Schools-0.77
New Dimensions (12A)Public Charter Schools-0.78
Summit Creek Academy (41R)Public Charter Schools-0.80
Carter G. Woodson School (34D)Public Charter Schools-0.81
Francine Delany New School (11K)Public Charter Schools-0.82
VERITAS Community School, CFA (61P)Public Charter Schools-0.84
Ascend Leadership Academy: Lee County (53B)Public Charter Schools-0.90
Wilmington School of the Arts (65H)Public Charter Schools-0.95
Kestrel Heights School (32D)Public Charter Schools-1.09
Corvian Community School (60M)Public Charter Schools-1.19
Evergreen Community Charter (11A)Public Charter Schools-1.20
West Lake Preparatory Academy (55B)Public Charter Schools-1.25
Concord Lake STEAM Academy (13D)Public Charter Schools-1.26
American Renaissance School (49B)Public Charter Schools-1.37
Longleaf School of the Arts (92U)Public Charter Schools-1.44
Cape Fear Center for Inquiry (65A)Public Charter Schools-1.46
The Arts Based School (34G)Public Charter Schools-1.55
Steele Creek Preparatory Academy (61Y)Public Charter Schools-1.58
Raleigh Oak Charter (93R)Public Charter Schools-1.58
Aristotle Preparatory Academy (60N)Public Charter Schools-1.62
Classical Charter Schools of Leland (10A)Public Charter Schools-1.62
The Experiential School of Greensboro (41N)Public Charter Schools-1.67
Tillery Charter Academy (62A)Public Charter Schools-1.68
Wayne Preparatory Academy (96F)Public Charter Schools-1.75
Island Montessori Charter School (65D)Public Charter Schools-1.76
Rolesville Charter Academy (93P)Public Charter Schools-1.90
Union Academy (90A)Public Charter Schools-1.95
Quest Academy (92N)Public Charter Schools-1.98
Piedmont Classical High School (41K)Public Charter Schools-1.99
Casa Esperanza Montessori Charter School (92R)Public Charter Schools-2.02
Telra Institute (62L)Public Charter Schools-2.10
Water's Edge Village School (27A)Public Charter Schools-2.15
Jackson Day School (61X)Public Charter Schools-2.22
Gate City Charter (41L)Public Charter Schools-2.26
Arapahoe Charter School (69A)Public Charter Schools-2.27
East Wake Academy (92G)Public Charter Schools-2.31
Woods Charter (19B)Public Charter Schools-2.49
Pine Lake Preparatory (49E)Public Charter Schools-2.53
Pocosin Innovative Charter (94A)Public Charter Schools-2.53
Mallard Creek STEM Academy (61Q)Public Charter Schools-2.59
Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy (09A)Public Charter Schools-2.66
Brevard Academy (88A)Public Charter Schools-2.69
Thomas Jefferson Class Academy (81A)Public Charter Schools-2.77
Unity Classical Charter School (61S)Public Charter Schools-2.77
Z.E.C.A. School of Arts and Technology (67B)Public Charter Schools-2.80
Phoenix Academy- Primary, Elem. Upper (41D)Public Charter Schools-2.94
The Hawbridge School (01D)Public Charter Schools-3.01
Queen's Grant Community School (60G)Public Charter Schools-3.04
Moore Montessori Community School (63C)Public Charter Schools-3.17
Gray Stone Day (84B)Public Charter Schools-3.26
Summit Charter (50A)Public Charter Schools-3.27
Emereau: Bladen (09B)Public Charter Schools-3.35
Tiller School (16B)Public Charter Schools-3.36
Pinnacle Classical Academy (23A)Public Charter Schools-3.49
Pioneer Springs Community School (60Y)Public Charter Schools-3.55
The Franklin School of Innovation (11D)Public Charter Schools-3.58
American Leadership Academy-Coastal (65F)Public Charter Schools-3.75
Rocky Mount Preparatory (64A)Public Charter Schools-3.89
Neuse Charter School (51A)Public Charter Schools-3.89
Hobgood Charter School (42B)Public Charter Schools-3.98
Bonnie Cone Classical Academy (61V)Public Charter Schools-4.03
Charlotte Lab School (61M)Public Charter Schools-4.03
Bear Grass Charter School (58B)Public Charter Schools-4.14
Apprentice Academy High School (90F)Public Charter Schools-4.17
Wilson Preparatory Academy (98B)Public Charter Schools-4.18
Metrolina Reg Scholars Academy (60F)Public Charter Schools-4.18
The Capitol Encore Academy (26C)Public Charter Schools-4.20
Community Public Charter (36G)Public Charter Schools-4.27
Sterling Montessori Academy (92E)Public Charter Schools-4.39
Ridgeview Charter School (36F)Public Charter Schools-4.57
Franklin Academy (92F)Public Charter Schools-4.66
Willow Oak Montessori (19C)Public Charter Schools-4.67
Carolina Charter Academy (93Q)Public Charter Schools-4.70
Classical Charter Schools of Southport (10B)Public Charter Schools-4.71
Union Prep Academy at Indian Trail (90C)Public Charter Schools-4.75
Bethany Community School (79A)Public Charter Schools-4.82
Southern Wake Academy (92P)Public Charter Schools-4.87
Bradford Preparatory School (60S)Public Charter Schools-5.02
Haliwa-Saponi Tribal School (93A)Public Charter Schools-5.19
Union Day School (90B)Public Charter Schools-5.26
Northeast Academy of Aerospace & AdvTech (70A)Public Charter Schools-5.33
Davidson Charter Academy (29A)Public Charter Schools-5.39
Endeavor Charter School (92S)Public Charter Schools-5.43
Achievement Charter Academy (43D)Public Charter Schools-5.49
The Academy of Moore County (63A)Public Charter Schools-5.61
Millennium Charter Academy (86T)Public Charter Schools-5.63
Mountain Island Charter School (36C)Public Charter Schools-5.64
Cabarrus Charter Academy (13B)Public Charter Schools-5.97
Magellan Charter (92D)Public Charter Schools-6.29
Cardinal Charter Academy (92W)Public Charter Schools-6.85
Shining Rock Classical Academy (44A)Public Charter Schools-6.90
Cardinal Charter Acad at Wendell Falls (93T)Public Charter Schools-7.01
Thomas Academy (24B)Public Charter Schools-7.58
Excelsior Classical Academy (32R)Public Charter Schools-7.71
Uwharrie Charter Academy (76A)Public Charter Schools-7.75
IC Imagine (11C)Public Charter Schools-7.79
Eastside STREAM Academy (60P)Public Charter Schools-7.87
Queen City STEM School (61N)Public Charter Schools-7.98
Pine Springs Preparatory Academy (93N)Public Charter Schools-7.99
Washington Montessori (07A)Public Charter Schools-8.02
NC Virtual Academy (00B)Public Charter Schools-8.29
Revolution Academy (41Q)Public Charter Schools-8.76
North Carolina Cyber Academy (00A)Public Charter Schools-11.83
Youngsville Academy (35B)Public Charter Schools-11.84
Polk County Middle SchoolPolk County Schools2.69
Polk County Early CollegePolk County Schools0.96
Polk County High SchoolPolk County Schools-0.47
Sunny View Elementary SchoolPolk County Schools-0.86
Saluda Elementary SchoolPolk County Schools-1.82
Polk Central Elementary SchoolPolk County Schools-3.07
Tryon Elementary SchoolPolk County Schools-4.54
Hope MiddlePitt County Schools6.57
PactolusPitt County Schools5.23
PCS Early College High SchoolPitt County Schools4.63
Innovation Early College HighPitt County Schools4.24
North Pitt HighPitt County Schools4.14
C M Eppes MiddlePitt County Schools3.28
Ayden MiddlePitt County Schools3.14
Wintergreen IntermediatePitt County Schools3.04
Ridgewood ElementaryPitt County Schools1.82
G R WhitfieldPitt County Schools1.76
W H Robinson ElementaryPitt County Schools1.33
StokesPitt County Schools1.32
E B Aycock MiddlePitt County Schools1.14
Creekside ElementaryPitt County Schools0.97
Sam D Bundy ElementaryPitt County Schools0.80
Junius H Rose HighPitt County Schools0.72
ChicodPitt County Schools-0.23
Bethel ElementaryPitt County Schools-0.42
Falkland ElementaryPitt County Schools-0.57
Northwest ElementaryPitt County Schools-0.63
Lakeforest ElementaryPitt County Schools-1.02
Wahl Coates ElementaryPitt County Schools-1.33
South CentralPitt County Schools-1.44
Farmville MiddlePitt County Schools-1.64
Elmhurst ElementaryPitt County Schools-1.85
Ayden ElementaryPitt County Schools-1.86
GriftonPitt County Schools-1.97
Belvoir ElementaryPitt County Schools-1.99
Farmville Central HighPitt County Schools-2.05
South Greenville ElementaryPitt County Schools-2.51
A G Cox MiddlePitt County Schools-2.69
Eastern ElementaryPitt County Schools-3.64
Wellcome MiddlePitt County Schools-4.15
Ayden-Grifton HighPitt County Schools-4.28
D H Conley HighPitt County Schools-4.66
Southern MiddlePerson County Schools4.76
South ElementaryPerson County Schools2.31
Stories Creek ElementaryPerson County Schools1.88
Helena ElementaryPerson County Schools1.57
North ElementaryPerson County Schools1.15
Person County Schools Virtual AcademyPerson County Schools-0.81
Person Early College Innovation & LdrshpPerson County Schools-1.79
North End ElementaryPerson County Schools-1.92
Woodland ElementaryPerson County Schools-2.26
Oak Lane ElementaryPerson County Schools-2.56
Northern MiddlePerson County Schools-7.23
Person HighPerson County Schools-7.70
Perquimans County HighPerquimans County Schools3.24
Perquimans County MiddlePerquimans County Schools-0.48
Hertford GrammarPerquimans County Schools-0.91
Malpass Corner ElementaryPender County Schools2.33
C.F. Pope ElementaryPender County Schools2.33
Pender Early College HighPender County Schools2.26
Topsail ElementaryPender County Schools1.17
South Topsail ElementaryPender County Schools1.03
Topsail HighPender County Schools-0.55
Rocky Point ElementaryPender County Schools-0.66
Surf City MiddlePender County Schools-1.24
Surf City ElementaryPender County Schools-1.39
Cape Fear ElementaryPender County Schools-1.96
Penderlea ElementaryPender County Schools-2.13
Heide Trask HighPender County Schools-2.69
Topsail MiddlePender County Schools-3.71
West Pender MiddlePender County Schools-3.91
Pender HighPender County Schools-4.49
Pender Innovative Learning AcademyPender County Schools-4.82
North Topsail ElementaryPender County Schools-5.33
Burgaw MiddlePender County Schools-7.46
Cape Fear MiddlePender County Schools-10.74
Pamlico County HighPamlico County Schools-0.37
Pamlico County MiddlePamlico County Schools-1.06
Fred A Anderson ElementaryPamlico County Schools-2.15
Pamlico County PrimaryPamlico County Schools-3.11
River Park ElementaryOrange County Schools9.94
Cedar Ridge HighOrange County Schools9.64
Hillsborough ElementaryOrange County Schools9.07
A L Stanback MiddleOrange County Schools8.20
Efland Cheeks ElementaryOrange County Schools6.70
Grady Brown ElementaryOrange County Schools5.59
New Hope ElementaryOrange County Schools5.20
Central ElementaryOrange County Schools4.51
Orange MiddleOrange County Schools4.29
Pathways ElementaryOrange County Schools4.07
Orange HighOrange County Schools-2.23
Orange County Schools Online AcademyOrange County Schools-2.97
Gravelly Hill MiddleOrange County Schools-4.70
Jacksonville HighOnslow County Schools7.60
Swansboro HighOnslow County Schools6.15
Onslow Early CollegeOnslow County Schools5.46
Onslow Virtual SecondaryOnslow County Schools2.59
Jacksonville Commons MiddleOnslow County Schools2.46
Trexler MiddleOnslow County Schools0.04
Clyde Erwin ElementaryOnslow County Schools-0.35
Northside HighOnslow County Schools-0.44
Hunters Creek ElementaryOnslow County Schools-0.56
Southwest HighOnslow County Schools-0.97
Carolina Forest ElementaryOnslow County Schools-1.07
Southwest MiddleOnslow County Schools-1.12
Morton ElementaryOnslow County Schools-1.13
Dixon MiddleOnslow County Schools-1.50
New Bridge MiddleOnslow County Schools-1.73
Parkwood ElementaryOnslow County Schools-1.91
Hunters Creek MiddleOnslow County Schools-2.16
Richlands HighOnslow County Schools-2.21
Swansboro ElementaryOnslow County Schools-2.63
Onslow Virtual ElementaryOnslow County Schools-2.68
Southwest ElementaryOnslow County Schools-2.71
Dixon HighOnslow County Schools-2.79
Dixon ElementaryOnslow County Schools-3.01
Bell Fork ElementaryOnslow County Schools-3.63
Coastal ElementaryOnslow County Schools-3.76
Swansboro MiddleOnslow County Schools-3.97
Meadow View ElementaryOnslow County Schools-4.24
Summersill ElementaryOnslow County Schools-4.31
Silverdale ElementaryOnslow County Schools-4.34
Sand Ridge ElementaryOnslow County Schools-4.35
Blue Creek ElementaryOnslow County Schools-4.35
White Oak HighOnslow County Schools-4.46
Richlands ElementaryOnslow County Schools-4.53
Queens Creek ElementaryOnslow County Schools-4.68
Northwoods ElementaryOnslow County Schools-5.26
Stateside ElementaryOnslow County Schools-5.57
Jacksonville Commons ElemOnslow County Schools-6.49
Heritage Elementary SchoolOnslow County Schools-6.74
Northwoods Park MiddleOnslow County Schools-8.66
Conway MiddleNorthampton County Schools5.43
Northampton Early CollegeNorthampton County Schools0.85
Willis Hare ElementaryNorthampton County Schools0.68
Central ElementaryNorthampton County Schools0.03
Gaston STEM Leadership AcademyNorthampton County Schools-0.18
Northampton County High SchoolNorthampton County Schools-3.32
Shuford ElementaryNewton Conover City Schools3.13
Newton-Conover HighNewton Conover City Schools1.23
Discovery High SchoolNewton Conover City Schools0.61
Newton-Conover MiddleNewton Conover City Schools0.47
North Newton ElementaryNewton Conover City Schools-0.56
South Newton ElementaryNewton Conover City Schools-6.38
Charles P Murray MiddleNew Hanover County Schools3.41
Heyward C Bellamy ElemNew Hanover County Schools2.50
Sunset Park ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools2.39
SEA-TechNew Hanover County Schools2.15
Castle Hayne ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools2.08
Dr Hubert Eaton Sr ElemNew Hanover County Schools2.00
Winter Park Model ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools1.97
Masonboro ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools1.57
Porters Neck ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools0.88
Mary C Williams ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools0.87
Isaac M Bear Early College High SchoolNew Hanover County Schools0.62
Wilmington Early College HighNew Hanover County Schools0.35
Wrightsville Beach ElemNew Hanover County Schools0.28
Bradley Creek ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools-0.13
Ogden ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools-0.45
The International School at GregoryNew Hanover County Schools-0.63
Carolina Beach ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools-0.83
R Freeman Sch of EngineeringNew Hanover County Schools-1.03
A H Snipes Academy of Arts/DesNew Hanover County Schools-1.19
Edwin A Anderson ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools-1.21
John J Blair ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools-1.24
Edwin A Alderman ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools-1.24
Williston MiddleNew Hanover County Schools-1.30
M C S Noble MiddleNew Hanover County Schools-1.48
Career Readiness Academy at Mosley PLCNew Hanover County Schools-1.81
College Park ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools-1.81
J. C. Roe CenterNew Hanover County Schools-1.87
Dr John Codington ElemNew Hanover County Schools-1.95
Murrayville ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools-2.25
Emma B Trask MiddleNew Hanover County Schools-2.55
Pine Valley ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools-2.87
John T Hoggard HighNew Hanover County Schools-3.28
Myrtle Grove MiddleNew Hanover County Schools-3.57
Wrightsboro ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools-3.72
Forest Hills Global ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools-4.94
Holly Shelter MiddleNew Hanover County Schools-5.46
New Hanover HighNew Hanover County Schools-6.56
Holly Tree ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools-6.63
Emsley A Laney HighNew Hanover County Schools-6.70
Eugene Ashley HighNew Hanover County Schools-7.48
Roland-Grise MiddleNew Hanover County Schools-7.66
NRM Early College High SchoolNash County Public Schools9.57
M B Hubbard ElementaryNash County Public Schools4.59
G R Edwards MiddleNash County Public Schools3.60
Swift Creek ElementaryNash County Public Schools3.53
CITI High SchoolNash County Public Schools3.29
Rocky Mount MiddleNash County Public Schools2.54
Coopers ElementaryNash County Public Schools2.37
Nashville ElementaryNash County Public Schools2.23
Benvenue ElementaryNash County Public Schools1.46
Spring Hope ElementaryNash County Public Schools1.04
Southern Nash MiddleNash County Public Schools0.71
Cedar Grove ElementaryNash County Public Schools-0.33
Bailey ElementaryNash County Public Schools-1.15
Middlesex ElementaryNash County Public Schools-1.53
Baskerville ElementaryNash County Public Schools-2.24
Englewood ElementaryNash County Public Schools-2.62
Nash Central MiddleNash County Public Schools-2.76
Nash Central HighNash County Public Schools-3.07
Tar River AcademyNash County Public Schools-3.39
Red Oak MiddleNash County Public Schools-3.40
J W Parker MiddleNash County Public Schools-4.09
Northern Nash HighNash County Public Schools-5.27
D S Johnson ElementaryNash County Public Schools-5.52
Rocky Mount HighNash County Public Schools-5.77
Southern Nash HighNash County Public Schools-8.74
Mount Airy MiddleMount Airy City Schools3.12
Mount Airy HighMount Airy City Schools0.39
Jones IntermediateMount Airy City Schools-2.62
Rocky River ElementaryMooresville Graded School District0.77
East Mooresville IntermediateMooresville Graded School District-0.54
Park View ElementaryMooresville Graded School District-1.11
Mooresville High SchoolMooresville Graded School District-1.29
South ElementaryMooresville Graded School District-1.65
Mooresville Online AcademyMooresville Graded School District-3.76
Mooresville MiddleMooresville Graded School District-7.56
Mooresville IntermediateMooresville Graded School District-8.25
West Pine ElementaryMoore County Schools5.86
West End ElementaryMoore County Schools3.02
Elise MiddleMoore County Schools2.85
Carthage ElementaryMoore County Schools2.39
Pinehurst ElementaryMoore County Schools1.19
North Moore HighMoore County Schools0.31
Pinecrest HighMoore County Schools0.27
McDeeds Creek ElementaryMoore County Schools0.20
Sandhills Farm Life ElementaryMoore County Schools0.09
Crain's Creek MiddleMoore County Schools-0.79
Southern MiddleMoore County Schools-0.89
Vass-Lakeview ElementaryMoore County Schools-1.19
Southern Pines ElementaryMoore County Schools-1.27
Union Pines HighMoore County Schools-1.64
Westmoore ElementaryMoore County Schools-2.09
Highfalls ElementaryMoore County Schools-3.17
Robbins ElementaryMoore County Schools-3.19
The Community Learning Center @ PinckneyMoore County Schools-3.65
Cameron ElementaryMoore County Schools-3.80
New Century MiddleMoore County Schools-4.50
West Pine MiddleMoore County Schools-5.32
Aberdeen ElementaryMoore County Schools-5.73
Montgomery County Early CollegeMontgomery County Schools11.82
Green Ridge ElementaryMontgomery County Schools5.99
Mount Gilead ElementaryMontgomery County Schools5.31
East MiddleMontgomery County Schools3.88
Star ElementaryMontgomery County Schools2.01
Candor ElementaryMontgomery County Schools1.71
West MiddleMontgomery County Schools-1.90
Montgomery Learning AcademyMontgomery County Schools-2.48
Page Street ElementaryMontgomery County Schools-5.00
Montgomery Central HighMontgomery County Schools-7.44
Mayland Early CollegeMitchell County Schools2.23
Deyton ElementaryMitchell County Schools0.58
Gouge ElementaryMitchell County Schools0.57
Harris MiddleMitchell County Schools-3.18
Bowman MiddleMitchell County Schools-3.53
Mitchell HighMitchell County Schools-7.36
Nebo Elementary SchoolMcDowell County Schools6.94
East McDowell Middle SchoolMcDowell County Schools5.79
McDowell Early CollegeMcDowell County Schools4.78
Glenwood Elementary SchoolMcDowell County Schools3.65
Old Fort Elementary SchoolMcDowell County Schools1.96
West McDowell Middle SchoolMcDowell County Schools1.30
McDowell Academy for InnovationMcDowell County Schools1.11
Eastfield Global Magnet SchoolMcDowell County Schools0.84
West Marion Elementary SchoolMcDowell County Schools0.46
Pleasant Gardens Elementary SchoolMcDowell County Schools-0.27
Marion Elementary SchoolMcDowell County Schools-1.13
North Cove Elementary SchoolMcDowell County Schools-1.37
Foothills Community SchoolMcDowell County Schools-1.65
McDowell High SchoolMcDowell County Schools-1.88
McDowell Virtual AcademyMcDowell County Schools-4.84
Riverside MiddleMartin County Schools-0.73
South Creek HighMartin County Schools-2.47
South Creek MiddleMartin County Schools-2.78
Riverside HighMartin County Schools-3.21
Jamesville ElementaryMartin County Schools-3.24
Rodgers ElementaryMartin County Schools-3.28
E J Hayes ElementaryMartin County Schools-5.66
South Creek ElementaryMartin County Schools-5.69
Brush Creek ElementaryMadison County Schools-2.01
Hot Springs ElementaryMadison County Schools-2.01
Madison Early College HighMadison County Schools-2.08
Mars Hill ElementaryMadison County Schools-2.84
Madison Middle SchoolMadison County Schools-6.02
Madison High SchoolMadison County Schools-8.56
Franklin HighMacon County Schools1.80
Macon Early College High SchoolMacon County Schools1.57
Cartoogechaye ElementaryMacon County Schools1.51
Highlands SchoolMacon County Schools0.15
Nantahala SchoolMacon County Schools0.11
Iotla Valley ElementaryMacon County Schools-0.55
Macon Middle School