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J T Barber Elementary in Craven County Schools

School Information
Enrollment139Min Tested Grade3Max Tested Grade5
% Academically or Intellectually Gifted6% American Indian/Alaskan Native5% Asian/Pacific Islander12
% Black (not Hispanic)71% Economically Disadvantaged Students89% English Learners14
% Female45% Hispanic9% Male55
% Minority94% Students with Disabilities17% Two or More Races5
% Unknown (Race)5% White (not Hispanic)6

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The demographic percentages reported in the table below are based only on students who were assessed in the selected assessment during the 2018-19 school year. As a result, these values may differ from other information distributed or published by DPI.

Average Growth Index (AGI) = 0 : On average, the students in this school made growth as expected.
Average Growth Index (AGI) > 0 : A larger AGI provides more evidence that, on average, students in this school made more growth than expected.
Average Growth Index (AGI) < 0 : The further the AGI is below 0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students in this school made less growth than expected.

sorted ascendingSchoolDistrictAverage Growth Index
J T Barber ElementaryCraven County Schools0.13
A G Cox MiddlePitt County Schools-0.16
A H Snipes Academy of Arts/DesNew Hanover County Schools-0.92
A L Brown HighKannapolis City Schools-8.05
A L Stanback MiddleOrange County Schools-1.69
A T Allen ElementaryCabarrus County Schools3.92
A.C.E. Academy (13C)Public Charter Schools1.05
Abbotts Creek ElementaryWake County Schools4.26
Aberdeen ElementaryMoore County Schools-2.70
ABSS Early College at ACCAlamance-Burlington Schools0.15
Academy at SmithGuilford County Schools-0.34
Acme Delco ElementaryColumbus County Schools-2.78
Acme Delco MiddleColumbus County Schools-0.35
Adams ElementaryWake County Schools0.68
AdVance AcademyVance County Schools-6.43
Agriculture and Science Early CollegeIredell-Statesville Schools3.76
Ahoskie ElementaryHertford County Schools-11.93
Alamance ElementaryGuilford County Schools-1.95
Albemarle HighStanly County Schools-2.61
Albemarle MiddleStanly County Schools4.56
Albemarle Road ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.35
Albemarle Road MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.54
Albert H Bangert ElementaryCraven County Schools3.55
Alderman Road ElementaryCumberland County Schools-3.15
Alexander Central HighAlexander County Schools-1.51
Alexander Early CollegeAlexander County Schools1.82
Alexander Graham MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools6.24
Alexander Wilson ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools-0.65
Alger B. Wilkins High SchoolCumberland County Schools-1.75
Alleghany HighAlleghany County Schools-1.96
Allen Jay ElementaryGuilford County Schools-0.73
Allen Jay Middle - A Preparatory AcademyGuilford County Schools1.45
Allen MiddleGuilford County Schools-4.54
Allenbrook ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-5.18
Alpha Academy (26B)Public Charter Schools2.51
Alston Ridge ElementaryWake County Schools1.54
Altamahaw-Ossipee ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools1.71
American Renaissance School (49B)Public Charter Schools3.11
Anderson Creek Academy (43C)Public Charter Schools-0.58
Andrews ElementaryCherokee County Schools-0.47
Andrews HighCherokee County Schools1.68
Andrews MiddleCherokee County Schools2.65
Angier ElementaryHarnett County Schools3.30
Anne Chesnutt MiddleCumberland County Schools-3.44
Anson AcademyAnson County Schools-1.41
Anson Co. Early College HighAnson County Schools0.55
Anson High SchoolAnson County Schools-5.26
Anson MiddleAnson County Schools-8.53
Ansonville ElementaryAnson County Schools1.40
Antioch ElementaryUnion County Public Schools1.52
Apex ElementaryWake County Schools-0.78
Apex Friendship HighWake County Schools-1.25
Apex Friendship MiddleWake County Schools3.71
Apex HighWake County Schools-1.22
Apex MiddleWake County Schools-7.74
Appalachian Academy at Middle Fork (34Z)Laboratory Schools1.77
Apple Valley MiddleHenderson County Schools-6.91
Aquadale ElementaryStanly County Schools-0.21
Arapahoe Charter School (69A)Public Charter Schools3.55
Archdale ElementaryRandolph County School System0.15
Archdale-Trinity MiddleRandolph County School System-2.75
Archer ElementaryGuilford County Schools3.64
Archer Lodge MiddleJohnston County Public Schools-2.40
Ardrey Kell HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools10.06
Aristotle Preparatory Academy (60N)Public Charter Schools-0.34
Armstrong ElementaryCumberland County Schools0.62
Arthur W Edwards ElementaryCraven County Schools1.13
ArtSpace Charter School (11B)Public Charter Schools-1.90
Ascend Leadership Academy: Lee County (53B)Public Charter Schools-6.40
Ashbrook HighGaston County Schools4.57
Ashe County Early College HighAshe County Schools-3.65
Ashe County HighAshe County Schools-9.07
Ashe County MiddleAshe County Schools0.77
Asheboro HighAsheboro City Schools1.95
Asheville HighAsheville City Schools-4.24
Asheville MiddleAsheville City Schools-2.65
Ashley AcademyWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-0.03
Ashley Chapel Educational CenterRichmond County Schools-1.50
Ashley ElementaryCumberland County Schools1.23
Ashley Park PreK-8 SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.86
Athens Drive HighWake County Schools1.32
Atkins Academic & Tech HighWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools6.07
Atkinson ElementaryHenderson County Schools1.24
Atlantic ElementaryCarteret County Public Schools1.95
Audrey W. Garrett ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools-1.34
Aulander ElementaryBertie County Schools1.35
Aurelian Springs Institute of Global LeaHalifax County Schools0.25
Aversboro ElementaryWake County Schools-5.94
Avery County HighAvery County Schools-2.71
Avery High Viking AcademyAvery County Schools-1.70
Avery MiddleAvery County Schools7.06
Avery's Creek ElementaryBuncombe County Schools-1.48
Aycock ElementaryVance County Schools0.55
Ayden ElementaryPitt County Schools-0.89
Ayden MiddlePitt County Schools-4.88
Ayden-Grifton HighPitt County Schools-1.08
B C Ed Tech CenterBeaufort County Schools-4.04
B F Grady ElementaryDuplin County Schools1.29
B O Barnes ElementaryWilson County Schools-6.26
B. Everett Jordan ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools-2.48
Badin ElementaryStanly County Schools8.27
Bailey ElementaryNash County Public Schools-1.58
Bailey MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools12.78
Baileywick Road ElementaryWake County Schools-3.02
Bain ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.21
Bald Creek ElementaryYancey County Schools0.41
Balfour ElementaryAsheboro City Schools5.94
Ballantyne ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.36
Ballentine ElementaryWake County Schools0.84
Balls Creek ElementaryCatawba County Schools0.36
Bandys HighCatawba County Schools6.21
Banks ElementaryLenoir County Public Schools-3.60
Banks Road ElementaryWake County Schools-4.81
Banner Elk ElementaryAvery County Schools2.25
Banoak ElementaryCatawba County Schools2.19
Barnardsville ElementaryBuncombe County Schools-2.19
Barnette ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.61
Barringer Academic CenterCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.67
Bartlett Yancey HighCaswell County Schools-4.40
Barwell Road ElementaryWake County Schools-5.83
Baskerville ElementaryNash County Public Schools-3.43
Bath ElementaryBeaufort County Schools-4.79
Baton ElementaryCaldwell County Schools-3.06
Battleground ElementaryLincoln County Schools-0.36
Baucom ElementaryWake County Schools2.21
Bear Grass Charter School (58B)Public Charter Schools4.41
Bearfield PrimaryHertford County Schools0.06
Beaufort Co Early College HighBeaufort County Schools4.67
Beaufort ElementaryCarteret County Public Schools0.75
Beaufort MiddleCarteret County Public Schools2.09
Beaver Dam ElementaryCumberland County Schools-0.76
Beaverdam ElementaryWake County Schools-2.94
Beddingfield HighWilson County Schools3.62
Bell ElementaryBuncombe County Schools-0.33
Bell Fork ElementaryOnslow County Schools-6.90
Belmont Central ElementaryGaston County Schools5.70
Belmont Elementary SchoolRoanoke Rapids City Schools1.62
Belmont MiddleGaston County Schools3.36
Belville ElementaryBrunswick County Schools1.04
Belvoir ElementaryPitt County Schools0.86
Ben D Quinn ElementaryCraven County Schools-4.00
Ben L. Smith High SchoolGuilford County Schools-0.93
Benhaven ElementaryHarnett County Schools3.50
Benjamin J Martin ElementaryCumberland County Schools-2.80
Bennett SchoolChatham County Schools-3.10
Benson ElementaryJohnston County Public Schools-1.88
Benson MiddleJohnston County Public Schools0.88
Benton Heights ElementaryUnion County Public Schools4.28
Benvenue ElementaryNash County Public Schools-1.35
Berewick ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-2.13
Berryhill SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.77
Bertie Early College HighBertie County Schools3.48
Bertie HighBertie County Schools-4.31
Bertie MiddleBertie County Schools-6.08
Bessemer City Central ElemGaston County Schools-2.97
Bessemer City HighGaston County Schools-7.50
Bessemer City MiddleGaston County Schools2.30
Bessemer ElementaryGuilford County Schools0.06
Bethany Community School (79A)Public Charter Schools-4.29
Bethany ElementaryRockingham County Schools0.12
Bethel ElementaryHaywood County Schools-2.05
Bethel ElementaryWatauga County Schools-1.28
Bethel ElementaryPitt County Schools1.97
Bethel ElementaryCabarrus County Schools5.89
Bethel Hill Charter (73A)Public Charter Schools-2.57
Bethel MiddleHaywood County Schools-1.80
Bethesda ElementaryDurham Public Schools-0.13
Bethlehem ElementaryAlexander County Schools1.23
Bethware ElementaryCleveland County Schools0.49
Beulaville ElementaryDuplin County Schools4.40
Beverly Hills ElementaryCabarrus County Schools5.33
Beverly Woods ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.65
Bill Hefner ElementaryCumberland County Schools0.08
Black Mountain ElementaryBuncombe County Schools-0.14
Black Mountain PrimaryBuncombe County Schools-1.77
Blackburn ElementaryCatawba County Schools-0.91
Bladen Early CollegeBladen County Schools-1.75
Bladen Lakes PrimaryBladen County Schools-0.13
Bladenboro MiddleBladen County Schools-1.01
Bladenboro PrimaryBladen County Schools-2.30
Blowing Rock ElementaryWatauga County Schools2.68
Blue Creek ElementaryOnslow County Schools-1.09
Blue Ridge Early CollegeJackson County Public Schools-2.13
Blue Ridge ElementaryAshe County Schools3.38
Blue Ridge SchoolJackson County Public Schools-3.10
Bluford ElementaryGuilford County Schools-1.24
Blythe ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools2.01
Bogue Sound ElementaryCarteret County Public Schools-0.42
Boiling Springs ElementaryCleveland County Schools-0.07
Bolivia ElementaryBrunswick County Schools4.23
Bolton ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-1.34
Bonlee SchoolChatham County Schools0.51
Boomer-Ferguson Elementary SchoolWilkes County Schools0.85
Boone Trail ElementaryHarnett County Schools-6.73
Boonville ElementaryYadkin County Schools1.37
Bostian ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-0.64
Bowman MiddleMitchell County Schools-1.81
Bradford Preparatory School (60S)Public Charter Schools1.78
Bradley Creek ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools-2.09
Bragg Street AcademyLee County Schools-5.53
Brassfield ElementaryWake County Schools-0.23
Brawley MiddleIredell-Statesville Schools-3.71
Braxton Craven MiddleRandolph County School System-4.52
Brentwood ElementaryWake County Schools-0.58
Brentwood ElementaryCumberland County Schools0.71
Brevard Academy (88A)Public Charter Schools-0.05
Brevard ElementaryTransylvania County Schools-2.47
Brevard HighTransylvania County Schools2.31
Brevard MiddleTransylvania County Schools2.67
Briarcliff ElementaryWake County Schools1.11
Briarwood ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.07
Bridges Academy (97D)Public Charter Schools1.05
Bridgeton ElementaryCraven County Schools-0.62
Brier Creek ElementaryWake County Schools-0.65
Brier Creek ElementaryDavidson County Schools-0.49
Brightwood ElementaryGuilford County Schools0.88
Brinson Memorial ElementaryCraven County Schools0.49
Broad Creek MiddleCarteret County Public Schools3.58
Broadview MiddleAlamance-Burlington Schools-6.53
Broadway ElementaryLee County Schools4.39
Brogden MiddleWayne County Public Schools-7.64
Brogden MiddleDurham Public Schools6.07
Brogden PrimaryWayne County Public Schools3.67
Brooks ElementaryWake County Schools-3.20
Brooks Global ElementaryGuilford County Schools1.41
Brookside ElementaryGaston County Schools-3.99
Brown Summit MiddleGuilford County Schools0.53
Bruce Drysdale ElementaryHenderson County Schools-0.51
Bruns Avenue ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.18
Brunson ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-1.10
Brunswick County Early CollegeBrunswick County Schools5.32
Brush Creek ElementaryMadison County Schools4.17
Bryan Road ElementaryWake County Schools6.17
BT Bullock ElementaryLee County Schools4.15
Buckhorn Creek ElementaryWake County Schools-8.15
Buckland ElementaryGates County Schools0.77
Bugg ElementaryWake County Schools-3.50
Buies Creek ElementaryHarnett County Schools-1.57
Bunker Hill HighCatawba County Schools-2.29
Bunn ElementaryFranklin County Schools2.60
Bunn HighFranklin County Schools2.31
Bunn MiddleFranklin County Schools-5.53
Burgaw ElementaryPender County Schools4.69
Burgaw MiddlePender County Schools0.96
Burns HighCleveland County Schools-5.53
Burns MiddleCleveland County Schools4.79
Burnsville ElementaryYancey County Schools3.94
Burton ElementaryDurham Public Schools6.97
Butler Avenue ElementaryClinton City Schools6.67
Butler HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.82
Butner-Stem ElementaryGranville County Schools-4.92
Butner-Stem MiddleGranville County Schools-3.94
C B Eller Elementary SchoolWilkes County Schools-2.24
C C Griffin MiddleCabarrus County Schools3.16
C C Spaulding ElementaryDurham Public Schools-1.51
C C Wright Elementary SchoolWilkes County Schools-2.42
C E Jordan HighDurham Public Schools-5.19
C M Eppes MiddlePitt County Schools-3.94
C Wayne Collier ElementaryCumberland County Schools-1.57
C. G. Credle ElementaryGranville County Schools-1.86
Cabarrus Charter Academy (13B)Public Charter Schools-5.57
Cabarrus Co Opportunity SchoolCabarrus County Schools-4.88
Cabarrus Early College of TechnologyCabarrus County Schools-0.87
Cabarrus-Kannapolis Early CollCabarrus County Schools1.30
Caldwell Career Cen Mid. Coll.Caldwell County Schools-0.78
Caldwell Early CollegeCaldwell County Schools2.17
Caleb's Creek ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-1.23
Camden County HighCamden County Schools-0.68
Camden Early College HighCamden County Schools0.11
Camden IntermediateCamden County Schools-3.86
Camden MiddleCamden County Schools0.22
Cameron ElementaryMoore County Schools-1.08
Cameron Park ElementaryOrange County Schools5.57
Candler ElementaryBuncombe County Schools-1.93
Candor ElementaryMontgomery County Schools-2.97
Cane Creek MiddleBuncombe County Schools-1.93
Cane River MiddleYancey County Schools-6.39
Canton MiddleHaywood County Schools-6.02
Cape Fear Center for Inquiry (65A)Public Charter Schools0.35
Cape Fear ElementaryPender County Schools2.22
Cape Fear HighCumberland County Schools3.38
Cape Fear MiddlePender County Schools-3.16
Cape Hatteras Elementary SchoolDare County Schools-0.48
Cape Hatteras Secondary SchoolDare County Schools0.35
Cardinal Charter Academy (92W)Public Charter Schools0.29
Career Academy and Technical SchoolIredell-Statesville Schools-4.16
Career Readiness Academy at Mosley PLCNew Hanover County Schools1.33
Carl A Furr ElementaryCabarrus County Schools3.54
Carmel MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.32
Carnage MiddleWake County Schools1.01
Carolina Beach ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools3.64
Carolina Forest ElementaryOnslow County Schools-2.68
Carolina International School (13A)Public Charter Schools4.45
Carpenter ElementaryWake County Schools-2.16
Carr ElementaryGaston County Schools-2.13
Carrboro ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools5.48
Carrboro HighChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools3.67
Carroll MiddleWake County Schools-7.11
Carson HighRowan-Salisbury Schools0.20
Carter Community Charter (32C)Public Charter Schools1.44
Carter G Woodson School (34D)Public Charter Schools-3.87
Carthage ElementaryMoore County Schools3.68
Cartoogechaye ElementaryMacon County Schools0.47
Carver ElementaryWake County Schools-1.86
Carver ElementaryVance County Schools-0.03
Carver ElementaryWayne County Public Schools1.79
Carver Heights ElementaryWayne County Public Schools2.27
Carver HighWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools3.25
Carver MiddleScotland County Schools-6.98
Cary ElementaryWake County Schools-1.37
Cary HighWake County Schools-3.96
Casa Esperanza Montessori Charter School (92R)Public Charter Schools-2.99
Casar ElementaryCleveland County Schools2.42
Cash ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools2.98
Castle Hayne ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools-2.55
Catamount School (50Z)Laboratory Schools-3.76
Catawba Elementary SchoolCatawba County Schools1.29
Catawba Heights ElementaryGaston County Schools0.31
Catawba Springs ElementaryLincoln County Schools1.76
CCCA - Fair Bluff /Southeastern CampusesColumbus County Schools-1.14
Ceasar Cone ElementaryGuilford County Schools-3.56
Cedar Creek MiddleFranklin County Schools-2.06
Cedar Fork ElementaryWake County Schools1.28
Cedar Grove ElementaryNash County Public Schools-0.92
Cedar Grove MiddleBrunswick County Schools2.92
Cedar Ridge ElementarySurry County Schools2.49
Cedar Ridge HighOrange County Schools4.48
Celeste Henkel ElementaryIredell-Statesville Schools1.26
Centennial Campus MiddleWake County Schools-7.11
Central Academy of Technology and ArtsUnion County Public Schools6.34
Central Cabarrus HighCabarrus County Schools3.68
Central Davidson HighDavidson County Schools0.03
Central Davidson MiddleDavidson County Schools6.32
Central ElementaryStanly County Schools-1.70
Central ElementaryCurrituck County Schools0.15
Central ElementaryElizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools1.03
Central ElementaryNorthampton County Schools2.64
Central ElementaryRockingham County Schools2.73
Central ElementaryIredell-Statesville Schools3.29
Central ElementaryOrange County Schools3.51
Central Haywood HighHaywood County Schools-4.99
Central MiddleSurry County Schools-4.07
Central MiddleWhiteville City Schools-3.27
Central Middle SchoolGates County Schools-2.57
Central Park School For Child (32K)Public Charter Schools0.11
Central Wake High School (93L)Public Charter Schools-0.40
Central Wilkes Middle SchoolWilkes County Schools1.25
Cerro Gordo ElementaryColumbus County Schools-2.09
Chadbourn ElementaryColumbus County Schools-3.24
Challenger Early College HighCatawba County Schools1.74
Chaloner Middle SchoolRoanoke Rapids City Schools-2.48
Chantilly MontessoriCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.21
Chapel Grove ElementaryGaston County Schools0.77
Chapel Hill HighChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools5.26
Charles B Aycock HighWayne County Public Schools-2.86
Charles E Boger ElementaryCabarrus County Schools3.72
Charles England Elementary SchoolLexington City Schools1.49
Charles H Darden MiddleWilson County Schools1.36
Charles H Tuttle ElementaryCatawba County Schools1.20
Charles P Murray MiddleNew Hanover County Schools5.52
Charles W McCrary ElementaryAsheboro City Schools2.84
Charles W Stanford MiddleOrange County Schools-3.24
Charlotte Choice Charter (60P)Public Charter Schools-4.39
Charlotte East Language AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-4.31
Charlotte Engineering Early College-UNCCCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.74
Charlotte Lab School (61M)Public Charter Schools0.50
Charlotte Learning Academy (60V)Public Charter Schools-4.87
Charlotte Secondary (60K)Public Charter Schools-1.76
Charlotte Teacher Early CollegeCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools2.92
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Virtual HSCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-1.46
Charter Day School (10A)Public Charter Schools-0.61
Chase High SchoolRutherford County Schools2.75
Chase Middle SchoolRutherford County Schools1.81
Chatham Central HighChatham County Schools-1.17
Chatham Charter (19A)Public Charter Schools-1.21
Chatham MiddleChatham County Schools-4.94
Chatham School of Science & EngineeringChatham County Schools-1.60
Cherryville ElementaryGaston County Schools0.63
Cherryville HighGaston County Schools0.95
Chestnut Grove MiddleStokes County Schools-5.60
ChicodPitt County Schools3.00
Childers ElementaryLincoln County Schools-0.23
Children's Village Academy (54A)Public Charter Schools-2.69
China Grove ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-0.29
China Grove MiddleRowan-Salisbury Schools-3.85
Chinquapin ElementaryDuplin County Schools3.70
Chocowinity MiddleBeaufort County Schools-5.82
Chocowinity PrimaryBeaufort County Schools-1.94
Chowan MiddleEdenton-Chowan Schools0.73
Churchland ElementaryDavidson County Schools0.07
CIS Academy (78A)Public Charter Schools3.75
CITI High SchoolNash County Public Schools-5.44
City of Medicine AcademyDurham Public Schools11.39
Clara J Peck ElementaryGuilford County Schools1.22
Claremont ElementaryCatawba County Schools1.51
Clarke ElementaryVance County Schools-6.72
Clarkton School of DiscoveryBladen County Schools-3.90
Claxton ElementaryAsheville City Schools-0.96
Claxton ElementaryGuilford County Schools0.97
Clayton HighJohnston County Public Schools-10.34
Clayton MiddleJohnston County Public Schools-1.28
Clear Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-3.79
Clear Creek ElementaryHenderson County Schools0.03
Clearmont ElementaryYancey County Schools-0.79
Clement ElementarySampson County Schools-0.45
Clemmons ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools4.45
Clemmons Middle SchoolWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools12.93
Cleveland ECHSCleveland County Schools-0.42
Cleveland ElementaryJohnston County Public Schools2.95
Cleveland HighJohnston County Public Schools-6.13
Cleveland MiddleJohnston County Public Schools-0.39
Cliffdale ElementaryCumberland County Schools0.47
Cliffside Elementary SchoolRutherford County Schools3.83
Clinton HighClinton City Schools0.80
Clover Garden (01C)Public Charter Schools1.77
Cloverleaf ElementaryIredell-Statesville Schools-0.90
Club Boulevard ElementaryDurham Public Schools5.27
Clyde Campbell ElementaryCatawba County Schools-1.87
Clyde ElementaryHaywood County Schools0.38
Clyde Erwin ElementaryOnslow County Schools-1.64
Coastal Preparatory Academy (65F)Public Charter Schools-5.03
Coats ElementaryHarnett County Schools-1.35
Coats-Erwin MiddleHarnett County Schools0.61
Cochrane Collegiate AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-5.64
Coddle Creek ElementaryIredell-Statesville Schools1.75
Coker-Wimberly ElementaryEdgecombe County Public Schools0.71
Colerain ElementaryBertie County Schools2.53
Coleridge ElementaryRandolph County School System0.42
Colfax ElementaryGuilford County Schools-1.83
Collaborative College for TechnologyIredell-Statesville Schools2.10
College Lakes ElementaryCumberland County Schools-1.69
College Park ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools0.73
College Prep and Leadership Academy (41H)Public Charter Schools-3.37
Collettsville SchoolCaldwell County Schools0.31
Collinswood Language AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.77
Coltrane-Webb ElementaryCabarrus County Schools1.88
Columbia HighTyrrell County Schools-1.06
Columbia MiddleTyrrell County Schools1.31
Columbus Charter School (24N)Public Charter Schools-0.75
Combs ElementaryWake County Schools1.62
Comfort ElementaryJones County Schools0.42
Community High SchoolBuncombe County Schools-4.79
Community House MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools10.45
Community School of Davidson (60I)Public Charter Schools0.53
Concord HighCabarrus County Schools5.53
Concord Lake STEAM Academy (13D)Public Charter Schools-5.74
Concord MiddleCabarrus County Schools-0.70
Conn ElementaryWake County Schools1.27
Connections AcademyWake County Schools-1.49
Contentnea-Savannah SchoolLenoir County Public Schools-0.41
Conway MiddleNorthampton County Schools-4.06
Cook Literacy Model SchoolWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools3.86
Cool Spring ElementaryIredell-Statesville Schools2.02
Cooleemee ElementaryDavie County Schools3.24
Cooper AcademyJohnston County Public Schools0.14
Coopers ElementaryNash County Public Schools3.66
Copeland ElementarySurry County Schools3.56
Cordova MiddleRichmond County Schools2.29
Corinth Holders HighJohnston County Public Schools-4.18
Corinth-Holders ElementaryJohnston County Public Schools-2.50
Cornatzer ElementaryDavie County Schools-0.10
Cornelius ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.81
Cornerstone Charter Academy-CFA (41G)Public Charter Schools5.85
Corriher Lipe MiddleRowan-Salisbury Schools-4.80
Corvian Community School (60M)Public Charter Schools-2.19
Costner ElementaryGaston County Schools0.01
Cotswold IB ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.91
Coulwood STEM AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools6.69
Courtney ElementaryYadkin County Schools4.64
Cove Creek ElementaryWatauga County Schools1.14
Covington Street ElementaryScotland County Schools-4.66
Cox Mill ElementaryCabarrus County Schools3.65
Cox Mill High SchoolCabarrus County Schools4.01
Crain's Creek MiddleMoore County Schools-1.20
Cramerton MiddleGaston County Schools6.59
Cranberry MiddleAvery County Schools1.98
Craven Early College HighCraven County Schools1.89
Creech Road ElementaryWake County Schools3.42
Creedmoor ElementaryGranville County Schools-0.13
Creekside ElementaryDurham Public Schools-2.77
Creekside ElementaryCraven County Schools-0.60
Creekside ElementaryPitt County Schools3.54
Crest HighCleveland County Schools-6.05
Crest MiddleCleveland County Schools7.16
Crestdale MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-1.75
Creswell ElementaryWashington County Schools1.26
Croatan HighCarteret County Public Schools6.52
Croft Community ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-5.44
Cross Creek Early CollegeCumberland County Schools6.80
Crosscreek Charter School (35A)Public Charter Schools-0.64
Crossnore ElementaryAvery County Schools0.50
Crossroads Arts Sciences Early CollegeIredell-Statesville Schools0.19
Crossroads FLEXWake County Schools-2.35
Crown Point ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.06
CS Brown HighHertford County Schools0.87
Culbreth MiddleChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools-1.50
Cullowhee Valley SchoolJackson County Public Schools1.92
Cumberland International Early CollegeCumberland County Schools1.80
Cumberland Mills ElementaryCumberland County Schools2.83
Cumberland PolytechnicCumberland County Schools7.38
Cumberland Road ElementaryCumberland County Schools-2.44
Currituck County HighCurrituck County Schools-1.73
Currituck County MiddleCurrituck County Schools-1.92
Cuthbertson HighUnion County Public Schools12.37
Cuthbertson MiddleUnion County Public Schools8.96
Cyrus P Frazier ElementaryGuilford County Schools2.02
D F Walker ElementaryEdenton-Chowan Schools2.58
D H Conley HighPitt County Schools-5.10
D S Johnson ElementaryNash County Public Schools-1.57
D.C. Virgo Preparatory Academy (65Z)Laboratory Schools-2.24
Dabney ElementaryVance County Schools1.36
Dalton McMichael HighRockingham County Schools-5.59
Dana ElementaryHenderson County Schools-1.06
Daniels MiddleWake County Schools1.17
Davenport A+ SchoolCaldwell County Schools0.14
David Cox Road ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-9.76
David D Jones ElementaryGuilford County Schools2.92
Davidson Charter Academy: CFA (29A)Public Charter Schools-7.14
Davidson County High SchoolDavidson County Schools-1.13
Davidson Early CollegeDavidson County Schools3.43
Davidson ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.01
Davidson River SchoolTransylvania County Schools-4.30
Davie County Early College HighDavie County Schools-2.25
Davie County HighDavie County Schools-6.81
Davis Drive ElementaryWake County Schools2.00
Davis Drive MiddleWake County Schools5.57
Davis-Townsend ElementaryDavidson County Schools0.79
Deep Branch ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County1.27
Deep River ElementaryLee County Schools3.49
Denton ElementaryDavidson County Schools3.26
Devonshire ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-3.85
Deyton ElementaryMitchell County Schools3.66
Diggs-Latham ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-2.89
Dillard Academy (96C)Public Charter Schools1.97
Dillard Drive ElementaryWake County Schools0.33
Dillard Drive MiddleWake County Schools-13.10
Dillard MiddleWayne County Public Schools-1.98
Dilworth Elementary School: Latta CampusCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools2.27
Discovery High SchoolNewton Conover City Schools-0.64
District No 7 ElementaryCumberland County Schools0.18
Dixon ElementaryOnslow County Schools2.69
Dixon HighOnslow County Schools2.38
Dixon MiddleOnslow County Schools-0.20
Dixon Road ElementaryJohnston County Public Schools-0.80
Dobson ElementarySurry County Schools2.15
Dole ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-2.17
Don D Steed ElementaryHoke County Schools2.31
Donna L Loflin ElementaryAsheboro City Schools-0.07
Doris Henderson Newcomers SchGuilford County Schools1.94
Douglas Byrd HighCumberland County Schools-7.62
Douglas Byrd MiddleCumberland County Schools-9.26
Douglas ElementaryWake County Schools-7.66
Douglass Academy (65C)Public Charter Schools-0.98
Douglass ElementaryRockingham County Schools3.89
Down East Middle and Smyrna ElementaryCarteret County Public Schools-2.33
Dr Hubert Eaton Sr ElemNew Hanover County Schools0.29
Dr John Codington ElemNew Hanover County Schools-4.79
Drexel ElementaryBurke County Schools7.24
Druid Hills AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-2.34
Dublin PrimaryBladen County Schools-1.16
Dudley Shoals ElementaryCaldwell County Schools0.66
Dunn MiddleHarnett County Schools-0.94
Duplin Early College HighDuplin County Schools2.82
Durant Road ElementaryWake County Schools2.31
Durant Road MiddleWake County Schools-7.31
Durham School of the ArtsDurham Public Schools9.15
Durham's Performance Learning CenterDurham Public Schools-2.91
E B Aycock MiddlePitt County Schools0.38
E B Frink MiddleLenoir County Public Schools-0.90
E E Miller ElementaryCumberland County Schools4.49
E E Smith HighCumberland County Schools0.19
E J Hayes ElementaryMartin County Schools-0.82
E K Powe ElementaryDurham Public Schools0.95
E Lawson Brown MiddleDavidson County Schools-1.71
E M Rollins ElementaryVance County Schools-4.00
E M Yoder ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools-0.86
E Melvin Honeycutt ElementaryCumberland County Schools-5.99
E O Young Jr ElementaryVance County Schools1.20
Early CollegeBuncombe County Schools0.31
Early College at GuilfordGuilford County Schools-1.65
Early College EAST HighCraven County Schools-0.31
Early College High SchoolPitt County Schools3.88
Early College of Forsyth CoWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-1.86
Easley ElementaryDurham Public Schools6.11
East Albemarle ElementaryStanly County Schools3.58
East Alexander MiddleAlexander County Schools-1.64
East Arcadia ElementaryBladen County Schools1.98
East Bend ElementaryYadkin County Schools2.37
East Bladen HighBladen County Schools-0.37
East Burke HighBurke County Schools-2.49
East Burke MiddleBurke County Schools1.88
East Carteret HighCarteret County Public Schools9.07
East Cary MiddleWake County Schools-4.49
East Chapel Hill HighChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools6.60
East Clayton ElementaryJohnston County Public Schools0.41
East Columbus HighColumbus County Schools-4.74
East Davidson HighDavidson County Schools1.66
East Duplin HighDuplin County Schools2.63
East ElementaryCleveland County Schools-2.85
East ElementaryUnion County Public Schools3.73
East Forsyth HighWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-3.35
East Forsyth Middle SchoolWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-2.88
East Franklin ElementaryMacon County Schools-6.46
East Garner ElementaryWake County Schools-1.74
East Garner MiddleWake County Schools-0.78
East Gaston HighGaston County Schools5.40
East Henderson HighHenderson County Schools1.68
East Hoke MiddleHoke County Schools-8.33
East Iredell ElementaryIredell-Statesville Schools2.15
East Iredell MiddleIredell-Statesville Schools3.07
East Lee MiddleLee County Schools-4.30
East Lincoln HighLincoln County Schools-7.19
East Lincoln MiddleLincoln County Schools0.47
East McDowell Middle SchoolMcDowell County Schools8.20
East Mecklenburg HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools2.80
East MiddleMontgomery County Schools-2.01
East Millbrook MiddleWake County Schools-1.46
East Montgomery HighMontgomery County Schools-0.95
East Mooresville IntermediateMooresville Graded School District2.07
East Robeson PrimaryPublic Schools of Robeson County7.66
East Rockingham ElementaryRichmond County Schools2.42
East Rowan HighRowan-Salisbury Schools0.92
East Rutherford High SchoolRutherford County Schools2.19
East Rutherford Middle SchoolRutherford County Schools-0.22
East Surry HighSurry County Schools-0.98
East Union MiddleUnion County Public Schools-3.23
East Voyager Academy of Charlotte (61W)Public Charter Schools-0.96
East Wake Academy (92G)Public Charter Schools1.75
East Wake HighWake County Schools1.48
East Wake MiddleWake County Schools-0.95
East Wilkes High SchoolWilkes County Schools-1.90
East Wilkes Middle SchoolWilkes County Schools2.86
East Yancey MiddleYancey County Schools3.00
Eastern Alamance HighAlamance-Burlington Schools-3.09
Eastern ElementaryPitt County Schools1.60
Eastern Guilford HighGuilford County Schools-1.62
Eastern Guilford MiddleGuilford County Schools-9.94
Eastern Randolph HighRandolph County School System1.90
Eastern Wayne ElementaryWayne County Public Schools-0.68
Eastern Wayne HighWayne County Public Schools-0.75
Eastern Wayne MiddleWayne County Public Schools1.92
Eastfield Global Magnet SchoolMcDowell County Schools1.20
Eastlawn ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools-1.86
Easton Elementary SchoolWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-1.50
Eastover ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.26
Eastover-Central ElementaryCumberland County Schools-5.81
Eastway ElementaryDurham Public Schools5.32
Eastway MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-1.58
Eblen IntermediateBuncombe County Schools2.13
ECU Community School (74Z)Laboratory Schools1.99
Ed V Baldwin ElementaryCumberland County Schools0.38
Edgecombe Early College HighEdgecombe County Public Schools4.02
Edgewood ElementaryWhiteville City Schools-1.55
Edneyville ElementaryHenderson County Schools2.12
Edward Best ElementaryFranklin County Schools1.71
Edward D Sadler Jr Elementary SchoolGaston County Schools-0.09
Edwin A Alderman ElementaryGuilford County Schools-2.07
Edwin A Alderman ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools0.50
Edwin A Anderson ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools-0.67
Edwin M Holt ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools3.23
Efland Cheeks ElementaryOrange County Schools4.07
Elise MiddleMoore County Schools0.56
Elizabeth City MiddleElizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools-3.48
Elizabeth City Pasquotank Early CollegeElizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools1.27
Elizabeth Lane ElemCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-5.33
Elizabeth M Cashwell ElementaryCumberland County Schools-0.31
Elizabeth Traditional ElemCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-4.18
Elizabethtown MiddleBladen County Schools-5.32
Elizabethtown PrimaryBladen County Schools0.54
Elkin ElementaryElkin City Schools0.05
Elkin HighElkin City Schools2.75
Elkin MiddleElkin City Schools4.21
Ellenboro Elementary SchoolRutherford County Schools-2.09
Ellendale ElementaryAlexander County Schools-0.46
Ellerbe MiddleRichmond County Schools-1.36
Elm City MiddleWilson County Schools-6.50
Elmhurst ElementaryPitt County Schools-0.30
Elon ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools3.46
Elon Park ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-4.04
Emereau: Bladen (09B)Public Charter Schools0.24
Emma B Trask MiddleNew Hanover County Schools-0.39
Emma ElementaryBuncombe County Schools1.14
Emsley A Laney HighNew Hanover County Schools-1.18
Endeavor Charter (92S)Public Charter Schools1.89
Endhaven ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.32
Endy ElementaryStanly County Schools3.45
Enfield Middle S.T.E.A.M. AcademyHalifax County Schools0.16
Englewood ElementaryNash County Public Schools-2.93
Enka HighBuncombe County Schools12.61
Enka IntermediateBuncombe County Schools-1.27
Enka MiddleBuncombe County Schools-3.06
Enloe HighWake County Schools-3.13
Eno River Academy (68A)Public Charter Schools3.82
Eno Valley ElementaryDurham Public Schools3.72
Enochville ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-1.38
Envision Science Academy (92Y)Public Charter Schools7.71
EP Pearce ElementaryGuilford County Schools-0.51
Ephesus ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools0.38
Erwin ElementaryHarnett County Schools-1.04
Erwin HighBuncombe County Schools1.28
Erwin MiddleRowan-Salisbury Schools-9.74
Erwin MiddleBuncombe County Schools-5.71
Erwin MontessoriGuilford County Schools-1.27
Essie Mae Kiser Foxx Charter (80B)Public Charter Schools-1.48
Estes ElementaryBuncombe County Schools0.77
Estes Hills ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools-0.82
Etowah ElementaryHenderson County Schools1.35
Eugene Ashley HighNew Hanover County Schools-16.14
Everetts Elementary S.T.E.M. AcademyHalifax County Schools-0.89
Evergreen Community Charter (11A)Public Charter Schools-3.67
Evergreen ElementaryColumbus County Schools0.83
Excelsior Classical Academy (32R)Public Charter Schools-2.64
Fair Grove ElementaryDavidson County Schools-5.58
Fairgrove MiddlePublic Schools of Robeson County-5.20
Fairmont HighPublic Schools of Robeson County-3.98
Fairmont MiddlePublic Schools of Robeson County-7.73
Fairview ElementaryBuncombe County Schools1.75
Fairview ElementaryJackson County Public Schools2.10
Fairview ElementaryUnion County Public Schools2.27
Fairview ElementaryGuilford County Schools4.35
Fairview Heights ElementaryRichmond County Schools0.00
Faith ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools3.90
Falkland ElementaryPitt County Schools2.49
Fall Creek ElementaryYadkin County Schools2.22
Falls Lake Academy (39A)Public Charter Schools1.05
Fallston ElementaryCleveland County Schools0.08
Farmer ElementaryRandolph County School System-1.17
Farmington Woods ElementaryWake County Schools3.99
Farmville Central HighPitt County Schools-1.68
Farmville MiddlePitt County Schools-0.48
Fayetteville Street ElementaryDurham Public Schools-0.47
Ferguson-Easley ElementaryCumberland County Schools-0.96
Ferndale MiddleGuilford County Schools-5.56
FernLeaf Community Charter School (45B)Public Charter Schools-2.40
Fike HighWilson County Schools-3.82
First Flight Elementary SchoolDare County Schools-0.37
First Flight High SchoolDare County Schools-1.99
First Flight Middle SchoolDare County Schools-8.28
First Ward Creative Arts AcadCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.31
Flat Rock ElementarySurry County Schools1.44
Flat Rock MiddleWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools1.94
Flat Rock MiddleHenderson County Schools3.04
Fletcher ElementaryHenderson County Schools-0.28
Florence ElementaryGuilford County Schools-1.48
Foothills Community SchoolMcDowell County Schools-1.74
Forbush ElementaryYadkin County Schools3.93
Forbush HighYadkin County Schools-0.97
Forbush MiddleYadkin County Schools-0.94
Forest City-Dunbar Elementary SchoolRutherford County Schools1.15
Forest Hill ElementaryBurke County Schools1.63
Forest Hills Global ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools-0.64
Forest Hills HighUnion County Public Schools2.10
Forest Hills MiddleWilson County Schools9.30
Forest Park ElementaryKannapolis City Schools-0.23
Forest Park ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools1.89
Forest Pines Drive ElementaryWake County Schools-1.16
Forest View ElementaryDurham Public Schools1.89
Forestview HighGaston County Schools3.44
Forestville Road ElementaryWake County Schools-4.50
Forrest W. Hunt Elementary SchoolRutherford County Schools1.33
Forsyth Academy (34F)Public Charter Schools-3.10
Four Oaks ElementaryJohnston County Public Schools2.55
Four Oaks MiddleJohnston County Public Schools7.44
Fox Road ElementaryWake County Schools3.14
FPG ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools4.58
Francine Delany New School (11K)Public Charter Schools1.77
Francis Bradley MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.81
Frank Morgan ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools3.17
Franklin Academy (92F)Public Charter Schools5.59
Franklin County Early CollegeFranklin County Schools0.63
Franklin ElementarySurry County Schools2.55
Franklin HighMacon County Schools-0.75
Franklinton ElementaryFranklin County Schools-0.36
Franklinton HighFranklin County Schools-0.48
Franklinton MiddleFranklin County Schools1.57
Franklinville ElementaryRandolph County School System-5.65
Fred A Anderson ElementaryPamlico County Schools3.79
Fred L Wilson ElementaryKannapolis City Schools0.97
Fred T Foard HighCatawba County Schools3.29
Frederick Douglass ElementaryWilson County Schools-2.28
Freedom HighBurke County Schools2.75
Freedom Trail ElementaryAvery County Schools5.28
Fremont STARS ElementaryWayne County Public Schools0.77
Friedberg ElementaryDavidson County Schools2.01
Friendship ElementaryDavidson County Schools2.61
Fuller ElementaryWake County Schools-2.62
Fuquay-Varina ElementaryWake County Schools0.56
Fuquay-Varina HighWake County Schools-0.88
Fuquay-Varina MiddleWake County Schools-1.15
G R Edwards MiddleNash County Public Schools-1.71
G R WhitfieldPitt County Schools0.25
G W Bulluck ElementaryEdgecombe County Public Schools1.00
G W Carver ElementaryEdgecombe County Public Schools7.52
G. C. Hawley MiddleGranville County Schools-5.72
Gallberry Farm ElementaryCumberland County Schools-1.42
Gamewell ElementaryCaldwell County Schools-0.26
Gamewell MiddleCaldwell County Schools-0.92
Gardner Park ElementaryGaston County Schools4.92
Gardners ElementaryWilson County Schools3.54
Garinger HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools8.25
Garner HighWake County Schools-6.83
Gaston Early College High SchoolGaston County Schools7.47
Gaston ElementaryNorthampton County Schools1.57
Gaston MiddleNorthampton County Schools-2.88
Gaston Virtual AcademyGaston County Schools-1.71
Gate City Charter (41L)Public Charter Schools-0.27
Gates County Senior HighGates County Schools-3.57
Gatesville ElementaryGates County Schools1.16
Gateway SchoolCaldwell County Schools-1.09
GE Massey ElementaryLincoln County Schools-0.20
General Greene ElementaryGuilford County Schools-1.39
George C Simkins Jr ElementaryGuilford County Schools-5.22
George Hildebrand ElementaryBurke County Schools2.07
George L Carrington MiddleDurham Public Schools3.23
George Watts ElementaryDurham Public Schools1.69
Germanton ElementaryStokes County Schools-2.83
Gibson ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools3.75
Gibsonville ElementaryGuilford County Schools-0.85
Gillespie Park ElementaryGuilford County Schools-1.53
Girls Leadership Academy of Wilmington (65G)Public Charter Schools-3.55
Glade Creek ElementaryAlleghany County Schools3.69
Glen Alpine ElementaryBurke County Schools0.82
Glen Arden ElementaryBuncombe County Schools-4.75
Glendale-Kenly ElementaryJohnston County Public Schools-2.53
Glenn C Marlow ElementaryHenderson County Schools1.80
Glenn ElementaryDurham Public Schools-2.69
Glenwood ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools-0.31
Glenwood Elementary SchoolMcDowell County Schools-0.10
Global Scholars Academy (32M)Public Charter Schools-2.31
Goldsboro HighWayne County Public Schools-7.12
Gouge ElementaryMitchell County Schools1.31
Governors Village STEM Academy (Lower)Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-3.41
Governors Village STEM Academy (Upper)Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-8.55
Grady Brown ElementaryOrange County Schools0.10
Graham A Barden ElementaryCraven County Schools-2.76
Graham ElementaryCleveland County Schools-2.24
Graham HighAlamance-Burlington Schools-0.93
Graham MiddleAlamance-Burlington Schools-8.59
Grand Oak ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.46
Grandview MiddleHickory City Schools-6.75
Grandy PrimaryCamden County Schools-0.60
Granite Falls ElementaryCaldwell County Schools-2.71
Granite Falls MiddleCaldwell County Schools-6.53
Granite Quarry ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-1.75
Grantham ElementaryWayne County Public Schools8.34
Grantham MiddleWayne County Public Schools-7.36
Granville AcademyGranville County Schools-1.64
Granville Central HighGranville County Schools5.00
Granville Early College HighGranville County Schools5.55
Gravelly Hill MiddleOrange County Schools-5.42
Gray Stone Day (84B)Public Charter Schools2.98
Grays Chapel ElementaryRandolph County School System-3.41
Grays Creek ElementaryCumberland County Schools-0.03
Grays Creek HighCumberland County Schools-3.58
Grays Creek MiddleCumberland County Schools-1.83
Green ElementaryWake County Schools-0.09
Green Grove ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County0.07
Green Hope ElementaryWake County Schools2.25
Green Hope HighWake County Schools0.78
Green Ridge ElementaryMontgomery County Schools2.52
Green Valley ElementaryWatauga County Schools2.69
Greene Central HighGreene County Schools4.64
Greene County IntermediateGreene County Schools1.36
Greene County MiddleGreene County Schools-4.31
Greene Early College HighGreene County Schools5.94
Greensboro Academy (41B)Public Charter Schools5.84
Greenway Park ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-7.54
Greenwood ElementaryLee County Schools-0.39
Greenwood MiddleWayne County Public Schools3.07
Griffith ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools2.44
GriftonPitt County Schools0.27
Grimsley HighGuilford County Schools-1.66
Grove Park ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools1.69
Grover C Fields MiddleCraven County Schools-3.70
Grover ElementaryCleveland County Schools-0.00
GTCC Middle College HighGuilford County Schools2.32
Guideway ElementaryColumbus County Schools5.03
Guilford ElementaryGuilford County Schools-0.47
Guilford Preparatory Academy (41C)Public Charter Schools2.32
Guy B Teachey ElementaryAsheboro City Schools-0.57
GW Carver ElementaryKannapolis City Schools-0.85
H H Beam ElementaryGaston County Schools-3.66
H J MacDonald MiddleCraven County Schools-10.39
Haliwa-Saponi Tribal School (93A)Public Charter Schools-0.65
Hall Fletcher ElementaryAsheville City Schools-3.11
Hallsboro MiddleColumbus County Schools1.46
Hallsboro-Artesia ElementaryColumbus County Schools-0.73
Hall-Woodward ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-1.85
Hallyburton AcademyBurke County Schools-4.99
Hamlet MiddleRichmond County Schools2.44
Hampton Elem Univ PartnershipGuilford County Schools3.44
Hanes Magnet SchoolWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools1.58
Happy Valley ElementaryCaldwell County Schools-1.51
Hardin Park ElementaryWatauga County Schools0.34
Harding University HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-5.97
Hargrove ElementarySampson County Schools1.85
Harkers Island ElementaryCarteret County Public Schools2.47
Harmony ElementaryIredell-Statesville Schools2.93
Harnett Central HighHarnett County Schools-4.03
Harnett Central MiddleHarnett County Schools-6.33
Harnett Early College (HCEC)Harnett County Schools2.00
Harnett PrimaryHarnett County Schools-3.23
Harold E. Winkler MiddleCabarrus County Schools14.22
Harris Creek ElementaryWake County Schools-1.08
Harris Elementary SchoolRutherford County Schools1.18
Harris MiddleMitchell County Schools-4.46
Harris Road MiddleCabarrus County Schools12.99
Harrisburg ElementaryCabarrus County Schools0.78
Harry M Arndt MiddleCatawba County Schools1.52
Harvey R Newlin ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools-0.38
Hasty ElementaryDavidson County Schools3.00
Havelock ElementaryCraven County Schools0.56
Havelock HighCraven County Schools1.85
Havelock MiddleCraven County Schools-4.88
Haw Creek ElementaryBuncombe County Schools1.24
Haw River ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools-1.69
Hawfields MiddleAlamance-Burlington Schools13.43
Hawk Eye ElementaryHoke County Schools0.86
Hawk Ridge ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.71
Hawks Nest STEAM AcademyGaston County Schools0.04
Hawthorne Academy of Health SciencesCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.64
Hayesville ElementaryClay County Schools2.18
Hayesville HighClay County Schools0.59
Hayesville MiddleClay County Schools-1.05
Haywood Early CollegeHaywood County Schools2.61
Hazelwood ElementaryHaywood County Schools-3.66
Healthy Start Academy (32B)Public Charter Schools5.62
Heide Trask HighPender County Schools-0.84
Helena ElementaryPerson County Schools3.29
Hemby Bridge ElementaryUnion County Public Schools0.70
Henderson Collegiate (91B)Public Charter Schools2.72
Henderson County Career AcademyHenderson County Schools-6.69
Henderson County Early CollegeHenderson County Schools4.99
Henderson HighRowan-Salisbury Schools-5.00
Hendersonville ElementaryHenderson County Schools5.23
Hendersonville HighHenderson County Schools0.77
Hendersonville MiddleHenderson County Schools-1.64
Herbert Akins Rd ElementaryWake County Schools-3.42
Heritage ElementaryWake County Schools-1.79
Heritage Elementary SchoolOnslow County Schools-5.43
Heritage HighWake County Schools-4.10
Heritage MiddleBurke County Schools1.82
Heritage MiddleWake County Schools4.74
Hertford Co Early CollegeHertford County Schools3.90
Hertford County HighHertford County Schools-6.93
Hertford County MiddleHertford County Schools3.48
Hertford GrammarPerquimans County Schools-4.49
Heyward C Bellamy ElemNew Hanover County Schools4.64
Hibriten HighCaldwell County Schools1.01
Hickory Career Arts Magnet High SchoolHickory City Schools1.05
Hickory Grove ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.21
Hickory HighHickory City Schools-3.42
Hickory Ridge HighCabarrus County Schools1.02
Hickory Ridge MiddleCabarrus County Schools14.37
Hidden Valley ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.06
Hiddenite ElementaryAlexander County Schools1.86
High Point Central HighGuilford County Schools4.82
Highcroft ElementaryWake County Schools-1.60
Highfalls ElementaryMoore County Schools-1.24
Highland Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-1.10
Highland ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools-1.41
Highland ElementaryHarnett County Schools1.65
Highland MiddleHarnett County Schools-4.59
Highland Mill MontessoriCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.91
Highland Renaissance AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-2.32
Highland Sch of TechnologyGaston County Schools9.47
Highlands SchoolMacon County Schools2.24
Hilburn Drive AcademyWake County Schools2.25
Hildebran ElementaryBurke County Schools1.14
Hillandale ElementaryDurham Public Schools1.22
Hillandale ElementaryHenderson County Schools4.52
Hillcrest ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools-1.46
Hillcrest ElementaryBurke County Schools5.29
Hillsborough ElementaryOrange County Schools4.68
Hillside HighDurham Public Schools3.60
Hillside New Tech HighDurham Public Schools0.80
Hiwassee Dam Elementary/MiddleCherokee County Schools-2.52
Hiwassee Dam HighCherokee County Schools1.07
Hobbton ElementarySampson County Schools1.01
Hobbton HighSampson County Schools0.26
Hobbton MiddleSampson County Schools-6.39
Hodge Road ElementaryWake County Schools-2.03
Hoke County HighHoke County Schools4.73
Holbrook MiddleGaston County Schools3.34
Hollister Elementary Leadership AcademyHalifax County Schools2.96
Holly Grove ElementaryWake County Schools-2.87
Holly Grove MiddleWake County Schools-2.68
Holly Ridge ElementaryWake County Schools3.31
Holly Ridge MiddleWake County Schools-4.29
Holly Shelter MiddleNew Hanover County Schools-3.38
Holly Springs ElementaryWake County Schools2.04
Holly Springs HighWake County Schools-2.43
Holly Tree ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools-3.00
Holt ElementaryDurham Public Schools2.19
Hominy Valley ElementaryBuncombe County Schools0.66
Hope Charter Leadership Academy (92Q)Public Charter Schools-0.46
Hope MiddlePitt County Schools10.87
Hope Mills MiddleCumberland County Schools-3.98
Hope Valley ElementaryDurham Public Schools6.38
Hopewell ElementaryRandolph County School System0.05
Hopewell HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.74
Hornets Nest ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.16
Horton MiddleChatham County Schools-0.14
Hortons Creek ElementaryWake County Schools-3.03
Hot Springs ElementaryMadison County Schools2.90
Howard L Hall ElementaryCumberland County Schools-2.15
Howard Learning AcademyCumberland County Schools-6.72
Hudson ElementaryCaldwell County Schools4.99
Hudson MiddleCaldwell County Schools-1.22
Hugh M Cummings HighAlamance-Burlington Schools0.70
Hunter ElementaryWake County Schools-2.97
Hunter ElementaryGuilford County Schools-0.39
Hunter Huss HighGaston County Schools0.19
Hunters Creek ElementaryOnslow County Schools1.69
Hunters Creek MiddleOnslow County Schools-4.85
Huntersville ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.51
Huntingtowne Farms ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools5.34
Huntsville ElementaryRockingham County Schools-1.72
Hurley ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-1.94
I E Johnson ElementaryScotland County Schools-1.03
Ibraham ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-3.05
IC Imagine (11C)Public Charter Schools-2.40
Icard ElementaryBurke County Schools0.76
Ida Rankin Elementary SchoolGaston County Schools3.87
Idlewild ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-1.85
Ignite Innovation Academy - Pitt (74B)Public Charter Schools-3.60
Inborden Elementary S.T.E.A.M. AcademyHalifax County Schools7.11
Independence HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools7.79
Indian Trail ElementaryUnion County Public Schools2.26
Innovation Early College HighPitt County Schools1.60
Invest Collegiate Transform (60Q)Public Charter Schools-0.02
Iotla Valley ElementaryMacon County Schools0.07
Ira B Jones ElementaryAsheville City Schools1.44
Iredell Charter Academy (49G)Public Charter Schools-4.86
Ireland Drive MiddleCumberland County Schools5.35
Iron Station ElementaryLincoln County Schools1.76
Irving Park ElementaryGuilford County Schools1.51
Irwin Academic CenterCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.19
Isaac Dickson ElementaryAsheville City Schools-1.34
Isaac M Bear Early College High SchoolNew Hanover County Schools1.79
Isenberg ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools2.41
Island Montessori Charter School (65D)Public Charter Schools3.57
J C Sawyer ElementaryElizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools-0.64
J D Clement Early College HSDurham Public Schools7.41
J E Holmes MiddleRockingham County Schools-0.20
J F Kennedy HighWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools4.58
J Glenn Edwards ElementaryLee County Schools3.22
J H Gunn ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-5.90
J M Alexander MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-7.36
J N Fries Magnet SchoolCabarrus County Schools1.30
J R Ingram Jr ElementaryLee County Schools-0.94
J S Waters SchoolChatham County Schools0.02
J Sam Gentry MiddleSurry County Schools1.16
J T Barber ElementaryCraven County Schools0.13
J T Williams Secondary MontessoriCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-5.33
J W Coon ElementaryCumberland County Schools1.64
J W McLauchlin ElementaryHoke County Schools2.11
J W Parker MiddleNash County Public Schools-4.24
J W Seabrook ElementaryCumberland County Schools-3.01
J W Turlington SchoolHoke County Schools-4.41
J. C. Roe CenterNew Hanover County Schools-4.13
J. F. Webb HighGranville County Schools-1.19
J.V. Washam ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-2.32
Jack Britt HighCumberland County Schools1.77
Jackson Co Early CollegeJackson County Public Schools0.04
Jackson Co Sch of AlternativesJackson County Public Schools-1.27
Jackson MiddleGuilford County Schools-0.60
Jackson Park ElementaryKannapolis City Schools5.92
Jacksonville Commons ElemOnslow County Schools-0.00
Jacksonville Commons MiddleOnslow County Schools1.68
Jacksonville HighOnslow County Schools1.22
Jacobs Fork MiddleCatawba County Schools1.13
James B Dudley HighGuilford County Schools2.01
James E Shepard MiddleDurham Public Schools-2.97
James Hunt HighWilson County Schools3.79
James Kenan HighDuplin County Schools1.14
James Love ElementaryCleveland County Schools-1.10
James Martin MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-5.16
James W Smith ElementaryCraven County Schools-1.31
James Y Joyner ElementaryGuilford County Schools4.77
Jamestown ElementaryGuilford County Schools5.19
Jamestown MiddleGuilford County Schools-4.37
Jamesville ElementaryMartin County Schools-0.67
Janie C Hargrave ElemPublic Schools of Robeson County1.57
Jarvisburg ElementaryCurrituck County Schools-1.72
Jay M Robinson HighCabarrus County Schools-2.35
Jay M Robinson MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools9.72
Jefferson ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools0.64
Jefferson ElementaryCleveland County Schools1.88
Jefferson ElementaryGuilford County Schools1.91
Jeffreys Grove ElementaryWake County Schools0.61
Jesse Wharton ElemGuilford County Schools-3.40
Jessie Mae Monroe ElementaryBrunswick County Schools-3.69
JF Webb HS Of Health And Life SciencesGranville County Schools-2.77
Jimmy C Draughn High SchoolBurke County Schools-2.61
Joe Toler-Oak Hill ElementaryGranville County Schools-2.89
John A Holmes HighEdenton-Chowan Schools-0.99
John C Tayloe ElementaryBeaufort County Schools4.35
John Chavis Middle SchoolGaston County Schools-1.70
John J Blair ElementaryNew Hanover County Schools-1.59
John M Morehead HighRockingham County Schools-11.08
John R Griffin MiddleCumberland County Schools1.91
John R Lawrence ElementaryRandolph County School System1.82
John Small ElementaryBeaufort County Schools-5.14
John T Hoggard HighNew Hanover County Schools-4.78
John Van Lindley ElementaryGuilford County Schools0.83
John W Dillard AcademyRockingham County Schools-1.80
John W Jones ElementaryWilson County Schools0.54
Johnson Street Global StudiesGuilford County Schools2.23
Johnsonville ElementaryHarnett County Schools4.40
Johnston Charter Academy (51B)Public Charter Schools0.59
Johnston Co Early College AcademyJohnston County Public Schools0.90
Johnston County Schools Career TechnicalJohnston County Public Schools2.41
Johnston ElementaryBuncombe County Schools-2.32
Jonathan Valley ElementaryHaywood County Schools5.35
Jones Dairy ElementaryWake County Schools-2.58
Jones IntermediateMount Airy City Schools-4.58
Jones MiddleJones County Schools-5.43
Jones Senior HighJones County Schools-1.77
Jonesville ElementaryYadkin County Schools1.07
Jordan Matthews HighChatham County Schools2.11
Joseph W Grier AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-5.42
Joyner ElementaryWake County Schools-3.26
Julius I Foust ElementaryGuilford County Schools-0.40
Junaluska ElementaryHaywood County Schools-1.58
Junius H Rose HighPitt County Schools0.23
Kannapolis MiddleKannapolis City Schools-3.84
Kearns AcademyGuilford County Schools6.79
Kenansville ElementaryDuplin County Schools-1.52
Kennedy MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-1.00
Kensington ElementaryUnion County Public Schools0.52
Kernersville ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools2.38
Kernersville MiddleWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools4.63
Kernodle MiddleGuilford County Schools5.46
Kestrel Heights School (32D)Public Charter Schools-1.24
Kimberley Park ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools-0.44
Kimmel Farm ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools6.29
King ElementaryStokes County Schools1.10
Kings Creek ElementaryCaldwell County Schools-2.11
Kings Mountain HighCleveland County Schools3.62
Kings Mountain IntermediateCleveland County Schools-2.90
Kings Mountain MiddleCleveland County Schools3.11
Kingswood ElementaryWake County Schools1.39
Kingswood SchoolWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools1.87
Kinston HighLenoir County Public Schools-3.26
KIPP Charlotte (60L)Public Charter Schools-2.36
KIPP Durham College Preparatory (32S)Public Charter Schools3.90
KIPP Gaston College Preparatory (66A)Public Charter Schools1.71
KIPP Halifax College Prep (42A)Public Charter Schools1.36
Kirkman Park ElementaryGuilford County Schools-0.81
Kiser ElementaryGaston County Schools-2.57
Kiser MiddleGuilford County Schools2.54
Kitty Hawk Elementary SchoolDare County Schools3.36
Knightdale ElementaryWake County Schools2.87
Knightdale HighWake County Schools-6.75
Knollwood ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-0.47
Knotts Island ElementaryCurrituck County Schools0.42
Knox MiddleRowan-Salisbury Schools-12.64
Konnoak ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools3.19
Koontz ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-4.44
Koontz IntermediateBuncombe County Schools-3.01
L B Yancey ElementaryVance County Schools-2.84
L Gilbert Carroll MiddlePublic Schools of Robeson County-2.75
L J Bell ElementaryRichmond County Schools-1.40
La Grange ElementaryLenoir County Public Schools3.40
Lacy ElementaryWake County Schools-2.21
LaFayette ElementaryHarnett County Schools2.13
Lake Lure Classical Academy (81B)Public Charter Schools-0.54
Lake Myra ElementaryWake County Schools-4.05
Lake Norman Charter (60D)Public Charter Schools7.29
Lake Norman ElementaryIredell-Statesville Schools3.30
Lake Norman HighIredell-Statesville Schools3.24
Lake Rim ElementaryCumberland County Schools-3.68
Lake Wylie ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.63
Lakeforest ElementaryPitt County Schools-2.26
Lakeshore ElementaryIredell-Statesville Schools1.98
Lakeshore MiddleIredell-Statesville Schools-3.32
Lakeside Charter Academy (61J)Public Charter Schools1.74
Lakeview SchoolDurham Public Schools-2.15
Lakewood ElementaryDurham Public Schools3.85
Lakewood HighSampson County Schools0.42
Lakewood Montessori MiddleDurham Public Schools4.50
Landis ElementaryRowan-Salisbury Schools-1.48
Langtree Charter Academy (49F)Public Charter Schools-4.74
Lansdowne ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-1.00
Laurel Hill ElementaryScotland County Schools-4.98
Laurel Mill ElementaryFranklin County Schools-0.56
Laurel Park ElementaryWake County Schools-0.15
Lawrence Orr ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools6.52
Lawsonville ElementaryStokes County Schools2.12
Lead Mine ElementaryWake County Schools1.53
Leaksville-Spray ElementaryRockingham County Schools-3.36
Lebanon Road ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.94
Ledford MiddleDavidson County Schools3.99
Ledford Senior HighDavidson County Schools0.29
Lee County HighLee County Schools-6.01
Lee Early CollegeLee County Schools2.58
Lee Woodard ElementaryWilson County Schools2.35
Leesville Road ElementaryWake County Schools-4.33
Leesville Road HighWake County Schools4.40
Leesville Road MiddleWake County Schools1.87
Leicester ElementaryBuncombe County Schools1.92
Leland MiddleBrunswick County Schools-8.88
Lenoir County Early College HighLenoir County Public Schools-1.03
Lenoir County Learning AcademyLenoir County Public Schools-2.82
Level Cross ElementaryRandolph County School System0.08
Lewis Chapel MiddleCumberland County Schools-3.61
Lewisville ElementaryWinston Salem / Forsyth County Schools5.23
Lexington Middle SchoolLexington City Schools2.45
Lexington Senior High SchoolLexington City Schools-0.83
Liberty Drive ElementaryThomasville City Schools-4.06
Liberty ElementaryRandolph County School System-1.53
Liberty MiddleBurke County Schools2.14
Ligon MiddleWake County Schools-5.45
Lilesville ElementaryAnson County Schools4.25
Lillian Black ElementaryCumberland County Schools1.08
Lillington-Shawtown ElementaryHarnett County Schools5.10
Lincoln AcademyGuilford County Schools-1.75
Lincoln Charter School (55A)Public Charter Schools-5.18
Lincoln ElementaryRockingham County Schools1.19
Lincoln ElementaryBrunswick County Schools2.96
Lincoln Heights AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.16
Lincoln Heights ElementaryWake County Schools-0.05
Lincolnton HighLincoln County Schools-3.32
Lincolnton MiddleLincoln County Schools3.01
Lindley Park ElementaryAsheboro City Schools-0.98
Lingerfeldt ElementaryGaston County Schools-0.68
Little River K-8 SchoolDurham Public Schools0.34
Littlefield MiddlePublic Schools of Robeson County-11.36
Lockhart ElementaryWake County Schools-2.68
Locust ElementaryStanly County Schools1.44
London ElementaryStokes County Schools2.24
Long Branch ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County0.94
Long Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-4.81
Long Hill ElementaryCumberland County Schools-4.91
Long Mill ElementaryFranklin County Schools5.27
Longleaf School of the Arts (92U)Public Charter Schools0.60
Longview ElementaryHickory City Schools4.56
Louisburg ElementaryFranklin County Schools-0.43
Louisburg HighFranklin County Schools-4.49
Love Memorial ElementaryLincoln County Schools-0.44
Lowell ElementaryGaston County Schools-2.64
Lower Creek ElementaryCaldwell County Schools-1.50
Lowe's Grove MiddleDurham Public Schools1.83
Loyd E Auman ElementaryCumberland County Schools0.78
Lucama ElementaryWilson County Schools-0.10
Lucas MiddleDurham Public Schools7.37
Lucile Souders ElementaryCumberland County Schools-1.38
Lucy Ragsdale HighGuilford County Schools0.13
Lufkin Road MiddleWake County Schools-0.71
Lumberton Junior HighPublic Schools of Robeson County-8.63
Lumberton Senior HighPublic Schools of Robeson County-3.95
Luther Nick Jeralds MiddleCumberland County Schools-2.23
Lyle Creek ElementaryCatawba County Schools0.92
Lynn Road ElementaryWake County Schools-1.08
M B Hubbard ElementaryNash County Public Schools2.18
M C S Noble MiddleNew Hanover County Schools-0.81
Mabel ElementaryWatauga County Schools-0.47
Mac Williams MiddleCumberland County Schools-7.51
Macon Early College High SchoolMacon County Schools0.64
Macon Middle SchoolMacon County Schools5.83
Madison Early College HighMadison County Schools0.38
Madison ElementaryGuilford County Schools-0.33
Madison High SchoolMadison County Schools-4.00
Madison Middle SchoolMadison County Schools-7.62
Magellan Charter (92D)Public Charter Schools2.17
Magnolia ElementaryPublic Schools of Robeson County8.03
Maiden ElementaryCatawba County Schools