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Benton Heights Elementary in Union County Public Schools

School Information
Enrollment234Min Tested Grade3Max Tested Grade5
% Academically or Intellectually Gifted5% American Indian/Alaskan Native5% Asian/Pacific Islander5
% Black (not Hispanic)26% Economically Disadvantaged Students42% English Learners41
% Female48% Hispanic67% Homeless5
% Male52% Minority95% Students with Disabilities13
% Two or More Races5% Unknown (Race)5% White (not Hispanic)5

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The demographic percentages reported in the table below are based only on students who were assessed in the selected assessment during the 2021-22 school year. As a result, these values may differ from other information distributed or published by DPI.

Average Growth Index (AGI) = 0 : On average, the students in this school made growth as expected.
Average Growth Index (AGI) > 0 : A larger AGI provides more evidence that, on average, students in this school made more growth than expected.
Average Growth Index (AGI) < 0 : The further the AGI is below 0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students in this school made less growth than expected.

Schoolsorted ascendingDistrictAverage Growth Index
Benton Heights ElementaryUnion County Public Schools0.11
Broadview MiddleAlamance-Burlington Schools-6.76
Alamance Virtual SchoolAlamance-Burlington Schools-6.11
Turrentine MiddleAlamance-Burlington Schools-5.74
Graham MiddleAlamance-Burlington Schools-5.51
Hugh M Cummings HighAlamance-Burlington Schools-4.22
Harvey R Newlin ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools-3.93
Southern Alamance HighAlamance-Burlington Schools-3.81
Sylvan ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools-0.51
Hillcrest ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools-0.50
Ray Street AcademyAlamance-Burlington Schools-0.50
South Graham ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools-0.42
Grove Park ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools0.21
North Graham ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools0.40
Woodlawn MiddleAlamance-Burlington Schools0.64
Altamahaw-Ossipee ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools0.84
B. Everett Jordan ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools0.99
Walter M Williams HighAlamance-Burlington Schools1.29
Edwin M Holt ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools1.38
Haw River ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools1.48
Audrey W. Garrett ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools1.49
Highland ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools1.51
Southern Alamance MiddleAlamance-Burlington Schools1.80
ABSS Early College at ACCAlamance-Burlington Schools2.18
Elon ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools2.49
E M Yoder ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools2.55
Western Alamance HighAlamance-Burlington Schools2.93
Eastlawn ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools3.13
Graham HighAlamance-Burlington Schools3.46
Pleasant Grove ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools3.58
R Homer Andrews ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools3.87
Alexander Wilson ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools4.21
South Mebane ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools4.23
Eastern Alamance HighAlamance-Burlington Schools4.58
Western Alamance MiddleAlamance-Burlington Schools8.09
Marvin B Smith ElementaryAlamance-Burlington Schools9.66
Hawfields MiddleAlamance-Burlington Schools17.29
East Alexander MiddleAlexander County Schools-10.12
Hiddenite ElementaryAlexander County Schools-5.23
Ellendale ElementaryAlexander County Schools-5.18
Sugar Loaf ElementaryAlexander County Schools-4.25
Wittenburg ElementaryAlexander County Schools-3.86
Taylorsville ElementaryAlexander County Schools-2.81
Bethlehem ElementaryAlexander County Schools-2.05
Alexander Virtual AcademyAlexander County Schools-1.18
Stony Point ElementaryAlexander County Schools-0.30
West Alexander MiddleAlexander County Schools2.16
Alexander Central HighAlexander County Schools4.07
Alexander Early CollegeAlexander County Schools4.78
Alleghany HighAlleghany County Schools-6.45
Piney Creek ElementaryAlleghany County Schools-5.06
Sparta ElementaryAlleghany County Schools-2.38
Glade Creek ElementaryAlleghany County Schools2.08
Anson High SchoolAnson County Schools-6.55
Wadesboro ElementaryAnson County Schools-4.97
Anson MiddleAnson County Schools-4.61
Wadesboro PrimaryAnson County Schools-1.89
Anson Co. Early College HighAnson County Schools-1.51
Morven ElementaryAnson County Schools1.08
Lilesville ElementaryAnson County Schools1.34
Ansonville ElementaryAnson County Schools3.89
Peachland-Polkton ElemAnson County Schools7.52
Ashe County HighAshe County Schools-4.30
Westwood ElementaryAshe County Schools1.90
Ashe County Early College HighAshe County Schools1.96
Ashe County MiddleAshe County Schools2.10
Blue Ridge ElementaryAshe County Schools3.01
Mountain View ElementaryAshe County Schools8.14
Asheboro HighAsheboro City Schools-8.92
Charles W McCrary ElementaryAsheboro City Schools-3.75
South Asheboro MiddleAsheboro City Schools-0.60
North Asheboro MiddleAsheboro City Schools-0.46
Lindley Park ElementaryAsheboro City Schools1.02
Balfour ElementaryAsheboro City Schools1.72
Guy B Teachey ElementaryAsheboro City Schools2.12
Donna L Loflin ElementaryAsheboro City Schools3.37
Asheville PrimaryAsheville City Schools-4.18
Isaac Dickson ElementaryAsheville City Schools-3.45
Hall Fletcher ElementaryAsheville City Schools-0.75
Asheville MiddleAsheville City Schools-0.60
School of Inquiry and Life SciencesAsheville City Schools-0.22
Claxton ElementaryAsheville City Schools-0.17
Asheville HighAsheville City Schools0.15
Montford North Star AcademyAsheville City Schools0.23
Ira B Jones ElementaryAsheville City Schools2.02
Lucy S. Herring ElementaryAsheville City Schools3.15
Avery MiddleAvery County Schools-8.58
Avery County HighAvery County Schools-2.55
Cranberry MiddleAvery County Schools-1.51
Riverside ElementaryAvery County Schools0.41
Banner Elk ElementaryAvery County Schools1.06
Newland ElementaryAvery County Schools1.12
Freedom Trail ElementaryAvery County Schools2.79
Crossnore ElementaryAvery County Schools4.10
Chocowinity MiddleBeaufort County Schools-7.04
John Small ElementaryBeaufort County Schools-6.95
Washington HighBeaufort County Schools-6.12
P S Jones MiddleBeaufort County Schools-4.20
Northside HighBeaufort County Schools-2.98
B C Ed Tech CenterBeaufort County Schools-2.55
S W Snowden ElementaryBeaufort County Schools-1.83
Bath ElementaryBeaufort County Schools-1.64
Northeast ElementaryBeaufort County Schools-1.04
John C Tayloe ElementaryBeaufort County Schools1.28
Chocowinity PrimaryBeaufort County Schools2.49
Southside HighBeaufort County Schools2.68
Beaufort Co Early College HighBeaufort County Schools7.07
Bertie HighBertie County Schools-6.75
Bertie MiddleBertie County Schools-0.77
West Bertie ElementaryBertie County Schools-0.22
Colerain ElementaryBertie County Schools1.41
Aulander ElementaryBertie County Schools2.59
Bertie Early College HighBertie County Schools2.64
Windsor ElementaryBertie County Schools5.66
Elizabethtown MiddleBladen County Schools-6.34
Elizabethtown PrimaryBladen County Schools-4.29
Dublin PrimaryBladen County Schools-2.41
Bladenboro PrimaryBladen County Schools-2.11
Tar Heel MiddleBladen County Schools-1.75
East Arcadia ElementaryBladen County Schools-1.52
Bladen Lakes PrimaryBladen County Schools-1.20
Bladen Early CollegeBladen County Schools-0.95
Plain View PrimaryBladen County Schools0.44
East Bladen HighBladen County Schools0.72
Clarkton School of DiscoveryBladen County Schools2.27
Bladenboro MiddleBladen County Schools2.91
West Bladen HighBladen County Schools3.05
Shallotte MiddleBrunswick County Schools-11.33
Town Creek MiddleBrunswick County Schools-8.78
North Brunswick HighBrunswick County Schools-7.95
Virginia Williamson ElemBrunswick County Schools-6.54
Leland MiddleBrunswick County Schools-6.04
Bolivia ElementaryBrunswick County Schools-4.82
Town Creek ElementaryBrunswick County Schools-4.02
Lincoln ElementaryBrunswick County Schools-3.05
South Brunswick MiddleBrunswick County Schools-2.61
Southport ElementaryBrunswick County Schools-2.34
Belville ElementaryBrunswick County Schools-2.15
South Brunswick HighBrunswick County Schools-1.63
Jessie Mae Monroe ElementaryBrunswick County Schools-0.98
Supply ElementaryBrunswick County Schools-0.93
West Brunswick HighBrunswick County Schools0.66
Union ElementaryBrunswick County Schools2.64
Cedar Grove MiddleBrunswick County Schools2.75
WaccamawBrunswick County Schools2.99
Brunswick County Early CollegeBrunswick County Schools4.40
Owen MiddleBuncombe County Schools-7.29
Erwin HighBuncombe County Schools-5.35
Enka MiddleBuncombe County Schools-4.59
Woodfin ElementaryBuncombe County Schools-3.80
Reynolds MiddleBuncombe County Schools-3.76
Community High SchoolBuncombe County Schools-3.65
Glen Arden ElementaryBuncombe County Schools-2.72
Buncombe County Schools Virtual AcademyBuncombe County Schools-2.60
Williams ElementaryBuncombe County Schools-2.56
Erwin MiddleBuncombe County Schools-2.39
Black Mountain ElementaryBuncombe County Schools-1.87
Bell ElementaryBuncombe County Schools-1.73
Johnston ElementaryBuncombe County Schools-1.31
Candler ElementaryBuncombe County Schools-1.15
North Windy Ridge IntermediateBuncombe County Schools-0.94
Black Mountain PrimaryBuncombe County Schools-0.72
Enka IntermediateBuncombe County Schools-0.71
Oakley ElementaryBuncombe County Schools-0.55
Emma ElementaryBuncombe County Schools-0.33
Avery's Creek ElementaryBuncombe County Schools0.00
Koontz IntermediateBuncombe County Schools0.25
Haw Creek ElementaryBuncombe County Schools0.27
Hominy Valley ElementaryBuncombe County Schools0.30
Eblen IntermediateBuncombe County Schools0.53
North Buncombe HighBuncombe County Schools0.54
Leicester ElementaryBuncombe County Schools1.09
North Buncombe ElementaryBuncombe County Schools1.11
Barnardsville ElementaryBuncombe County Schools1.14
Weaverville ElementaryBuncombe County Schools1.51
Sand Hill-Venable ElemBuncombe County Schools1.53
West Buncombe ElementaryBuncombe County Schools1.94
Fairview ElementaryBuncombe County Schools2.43
Pisgah ElementaryBuncombe County Schools2.66
Cane Creek MiddleBuncombe County Schools3.10
Enka HighBuncombe County Schools3.70
North Buncombe MiddleBuncombe County Schools3.72
Reynolds HighBuncombe County Schools4.30
Valley Springs MiddleBuncombe County Schools4.52
Owen HighBuncombe County Schools4.93
Estes ElementaryBuncombe County Schools5.18
Nesbitt Discovery AcademyBuncombe County Schools7.26
Roberson HighBuncombe County Schools8.49
Early CollegeBuncombe County Schools8.69
Valdese ElementaryBurke County Schools-4.47
Hallyburton AcademyBurke County Schools-4.24
W A Young ElementaryBurke County Schools-3.52
Walter R Johnson MiddleBurke County Schools-2.97
East Burke HighBurke County Schools-2.97
Freedom HighBurke County Schools-2.63
Liberty MiddleBurke County Schools-1.29
Hildebran ElementaryBurke County Schools-0.88
Forest Hill ElementaryBurke County Schools-0.63
Mountain View ElementaryBurke County Schools-0.60
Hillcrest ElementaryBurke County Schools-0.46
Ray Childers ElementaryBurke County Schools-0.31
Oak Hill ElementaryBurke County Schools-0.04
Salem ElementaryBurke County Schools0.21
Table Rock MiddleBurke County Schools0.56
Icard ElementaryBurke County Schools0.80
Glen Alpine ElementaryBurke County Schools2.29
Robert L. Patton High SchoolBurke County Schools3.40
Jimmy C Draughn High SchoolBurke County Schools3.78
Mull ElementaryBurke County Schools4.44
East Burke MiddleBurke County Schools4.84
Heritage MiddleBurke County Schools4.97
Drexel ElementaryBurke County Schools6.36
George Hildebrand ElementaryBurke County Schools6.49
Mount Pleasant HighCabarrus County Schools-6.08
C C Griffin MiddleCabarrus County Schools-5.99
J N Fries Magnet SchoolCabarrus County Schools-5.02
Cabarrus County Schools Virtual AcademyCabarrus County Schools-4.63
West Cabarrus HighCabarrus County Schools-4.08
Cabarrus Co Opportunity SchoolCabarrus County Schools-3.20
Harold E. Winkler MiddleCabarrus County Schools-3.13
Central Cabarrus HighCabarrus County Schools-2.46
Patriots ElementaryCabarrus County Schools-2.10
Mount Pleasant MiddleCabarrus County Schools-1.68
Hickory Ridge HighCabarrus County Schools-1.43
W M Irvin ElementaryCabarrus County Schools-1.35
Carl A Furr ElementaryCabarrus County Schools-0.12
Concord MiddleCabarrus County Schools0.03
Jay M Robinson HighCabarrus County Schools0.10
Performance Learning CenterCabarrus County Schools0.10
Bethel ElementaryCabarrus County Schools0.32
Charles E Boger ElementaryCabarrus County Schools1.07
Winecoff ElementaryCabarrus County Schools1.27
Hickory Ridge ElementaryCabarrus County Schools1.28
Northwest Cabarrus HighCabarrus County Schools1.47
Royal Oaks ElementaryCabarrus County Schools1.70
Harrisburg ElementaryCabarrus County Schools1.73
Rocky River ElementaryCabarrus County Schools1.99
Cox Mill ElementaryCabarrus County Schools2.08
Pitts School Road ElementaryCabarrus County Schools2.32
Coltrane-Webb ElementaryCabarrus County Schools2.33
Beverly Hills ElementaryCabarrus County Schools2.65
A T Allen ElementaryCabarrus County Schools2.75
Wolf Meadow ElementaryCabarrus County Schools3.03
Harris Road MiddleCabarrus County Schools3.21
Concord HighCabarrus County Schools3.21
Cabarrus Early College of TechnologyCabarrus County Schools3.31
Weddington Hills ElementaryCabarrus County Schools4.74
Northwest Cabarrus MiddleCabarrus County Schools4.85
R Brown McAllister ElementaryCabarrus County Schools5.64
Mount Pleasant ElementaryCabarrus County Schools5.90
Cabarrus-Kannapolis Early CollCabarrus County Schools6.27
Hickory Ridge MiddleCabarrus County Schools8.31
W R Odell ElementaryCabarrus County Schools11.69
Cox Mill High SchoolCabarrus County Schools12.46
South Caldwell HighCaldwell County Schools-8.23
William Lenoir MiddleCaldwell County Schools-4.88
Hibriten HighCaldwell County Schools-3.52
Kings Creek ElementaryCaldwell County Schools-3.28
West Caldwell HighCaldwell County Schools-2.94
Hudson MiddleCaldwell County Schools-2.73
Sawmills ElementaryCaldwell County Schools-2.52
Dudley Shoals ElementaryCaldwell County Schools-2.29
West Lenoir ElementaryCaldwell County Schools-2.28
Granite Falls ElementaryCaldwell County Schools-1.83
Whitnel ElementaryCaldwell County Schools-1.80
Gateway SchoolCaldwell County Schools-1.43
Happy Valley ElementaryCaldwell County Schools-0.99
Gamewell ElementaryCaldwell County Schools-0.78
Gamewell MiddleCaldwell County Schools-0.33
Lower Creek ElementaryCaldwell County Schools-0.11
Baton ElementaryCaldwell County Schools0.12
Davenport A+ SchoolCaldwell County Schools0.22
Caldwell Applied Sciences AcademyCaldwell County Schools0.33
Hudson ElementaryCaldwell County Schools1.26
Caldwell Early CollegeCaldwell County Schools1.77
Collettsville SchoolCaldwell County Schools3.67
Granite Falls MiddleCaldwell County Schools4.14
Camden MiddleCamden County Schools-5.45
Camden IntermediateCamden County Schools-3.13
Camden County HighCamden County Schools-1.87
Grandy PrimaryCamden County Schools-0.27
Camden Early College HighCamden County Schools2.76
Morehead Elem at Camp GlennCarteret County Public Schools-5.51
Harkers Island ElementaryCarteret County Public Schools-3.07
Beaufort ElementaryCarteret County Public Schools-1.81
Beaufort MiddleCarteret County Public Schools-1.73
Atlantic ElementaryCarteret County Public Schools-1.12
Broad Creek MiddleCarteret County Public Schools-0.95
Bogue Sound ElementaryCarteret County Public Schools-0.85
Newport ElementaryCarteret County Public Schools-0.24
Down East Middle and Smyrna ElementaryCarteret County Public Schools-0.12
White Oak ElementaryCarteret County Public Schools0.36
East Carteret HighCarteret County Public Schools1.72
Morehead City MiddleCarteret County Public Schools2.13
Morehead City PrimaryCarteret County Public Schools2.40
Newport MiddleCarteret County Public Schools3.98
West Carteret HighCarteret County Public Schools4.15
Croatan HighCarteret County Public Schools6.75
Bartlett Yancey HighCaswell County Schools-4.42
N L Dillard MiddleCaswell County Schools-0.43
North ElementaryCaswell County Schools0.01
Oakwood ElementaryCaswell County Schools0.46
South ElementaryCaswell County Schools1.08
Stoney Creek ElementaryCaswell County Schools2.27
Mill Creek MiddleCatawba County Schools-11.10
Lyle Creek ElementaryCatawba County Schools-5.46
Banoak ElementaryCatawba County Schools-5.44
Maiden HighCatawba County Schools-5.25
Blackburn ElementaryCatawba County Schools-5.18
Startown ElementaryCatawba County Schools-5.17
Balls Creek ElementaryCatawba County Schools-4.27
Maiden ElementaryCatawba County Schools-3.97
Mountain View ElementaryCatawba County Schools-3.86
Saint Stephens HighCatawba County Schools-3.81
Maiden Middle SchoolCatawba County Schools-3.26
River Bend MiddleCatawba County Schools-2.12
Webb A Murray ElementaryCatawba County Schools-2.07
Clyde Campbell ElementaryCatawba County Schools-2.03
Fred T Foard HighCatawba County Schools-1.90
Oxford ElementaryCatawba County Schools-1.77
Saint Stephens ElementaryCatawba County Schools-1.76
Charles H Tuttle ElementaryCatawba County Schools-1.30
Sherrills Ford ElementaryCatawba County Schools-0.06
Harry M Arndt MiddleCatawba County Schools0.30
Claremont ElementaryCatawba County Schools1.51
Catawba Elementary SchoolCatawba County Schools2.37
Snow Creek ElementaryCatawba County Schools2.63
Jacobs Fork MiddleCatawba County Schools2.84
Bunker Hill HighCatawba County Schools3.68
Challenger Early College HighCatawba County Schools4.31
Bandys HighCatawba County Schools8.07
Glenwood ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools-1.44
FPG ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools-1.29
Phillips MiddleChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools-1.04
Phoenix Academy HighChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools-1.02
Northside ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools0.69
Carrboro ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools0.74
Morris Grove ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools1.01
Culbreth MiddleChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools3.07
Smith MiddleChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools3.17
Scroggs ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools3.35
Rashkis ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools3.37
Seawell ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools3.42
McDougle MiddleChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools3.98
McDougle ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools4.70
Ephesus ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools5.08
Estes Hills ElementaryChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools6.50
Carrboro HighChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools6.50
Chapel Hill HighChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools9.45
East Chapel Hill HighChapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools13.40
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Virtual ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-11.61
J. M. Alexander MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-9.51
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Virtual MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-8.60
Southwest Middle SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-8.41
Harding University High SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-8.14
Rocky River High SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-6.60
Martin Luther King, Jr MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-5.69
Sedgefield MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-5.54
Ranson MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-4.71
Turning Point AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-4.58
Julius L. Chambers High SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-4.31
Cotswold ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-4.26
Olympic High SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-4.19
River Oaks AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-3.95
University Park Creative ArtsCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-3.62
Newell ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-3.31
South Mecklenburg High SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-3.28
Northeast MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-3.26
Collinswood Language AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-3.23
West Charlotte High SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-3.07
McAlpine ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-2.91
Military and Global LeadershipCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-2.82
West Mecklenburg High SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-2.76
Selwyn ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-2.74
Ridge Road MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-2.69
James Martin MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-2.47
Williams Secondary MontessoriCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-2.38
Olde Providence ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-2.36
Garinger High SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-2.30
Hawthorne Academy of Health SciencesCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-1.99
Hopewell High SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-1.85
South Charlotte MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-1.74
Druid Hills AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-1.35
Cochrane Collegiate AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-1.19
Huntingtowne Farms ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-1.08
Crown Point ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-1.04
Montclaire ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-1.02
Pineville ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-1.01
Pinewood ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.97
Irwin Academic CenterCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.82
Dilworth Elementary School: Latta CampusCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.79
Trillium Springs MontessoriCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.75
Carmel MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.72
Chantilly MontessoriCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.68
Park Road MontessoriCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.67
Performance Learning CenterCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.62
Sharon ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.61
Hickory Grove ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.60
Shamrock Gardens ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.55
Piedmont Middle SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.49
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Virtual SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.49
Sterling ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.45
Cornelius ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.36
River Gate ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.27
Mallard Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.21
North Mecklenburg High SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools-0.20
Statesville Road ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.02
Winget Park ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.04
David Cox Road ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.05
Charlotte East Language AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.07
Reid Park AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.09
Randolph MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.16
Joseph W Grier AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.20
Charles H. Parker Academic CenterCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.26
Winding Springs ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.27
Lebanon Road ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.73
Piney Grove ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.77
McClintock MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.78
Elizabeth Lane ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.81
Starmount Academy of ExcellenceCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.92
Steele Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools0.94
Davidson K-8 SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.05
Phillip O Berry Academy of TechnologyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.06
Ashley Park PreK-8 SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.21
Independence High SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.27
Oakdale ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.29
Kennedy MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.36
Marie G Davis SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.37
Char Eng Early College-UNCCCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.44
Matthews ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.55
Charlotte Teacher Early CollegeCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.56
Polo Ridge ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.58
Croft Community SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.61
First Ward Creative Arts AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.72
Rea Farms STEAM AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.75
Smithfield ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.87
Parkside ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.89
Hornets Nest ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.90
Albemarle Road MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.93
Mountain Island Lake AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.95
Providence Spring ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools1.96
University Meadows ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools2.12
Community House MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools2.36
Endhaven ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools2.37
Northridge MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools2.43
Oakhurst STEAM AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools2.46
South Academy of International LanguagesCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools2.49
Huntersville ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools2.59
South Pine AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools2.63
Beverly Woods ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools2.71
Long Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools2.74
Greenway Park ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools2.85
Oaklawn Language AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools2.93
Crestdale MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools2.98
J. H. Gunn ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.01
Highland Mill MontessoriCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.03
East Mecklenburg High SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.06
Villa Heights ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.08
Gov's Village STEM (Upper)Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.23
Eastover ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.25
North Academy of World LanguagesCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.37
Myers Park Traditional ElemCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.57
Bruns Avenue ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.60
Butler High SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.64
Walter G. Byers SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools3.87
Wilson STEM AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.03
McKee Road ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.05
Quail Hollow MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.14
Gov's Village STEM (Lower)Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.18
Torrence Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.23
Merry Oaks International AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.24
J.V. Washam ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.31
Highland Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.35
Briarwood AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.36
Reedy Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.58
William Amos Hough HighCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.61
Devonshire ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.67
Mallard Creek High SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.68
Alexander Graham MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.71
Winterfield ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.72
Grand Oak ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.77
Stoney Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.88
Elizabeth Traditional ElemCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.88
Lake Wylie ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools4.93
Mint Hill MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools5.03
Lansdowne ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools5.09
Rama Road ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools5.17
Renaissance West STEAM AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools5.18
Paw Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools5.22
Francis Bradley MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools5.32
Elon Park ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools5.55
Highland Renaissance AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools5.56
Thomasboro AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools5.65
Clear Creek ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools5.78
Bain ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools5.79
Berewick ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools5.87
Hidden Valley ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools5.89
Barnette ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools6.04
Whitewater AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools6.14
Hawk Ridge ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools6.20
Albemarle Road ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools6.23
Berryhill SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools6.27
Windsor Park ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools6.60
Eastway MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools6.61
Vaughan Academy of TechnologyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools6.61
Tuckaseegee ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools6.63
Palisades Park ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools7.15
Westerly Hills AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools7.17
Blythe ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools7.17
Lawrence Orr ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools7.22
Northwest School of the ArtsCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools7.37
Ballantyne ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools7.63
Myers Park High SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools7.90
Nations Ford ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools8.03
Whitewater MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools8.51
Idlewild ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools9.91
Bailey MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools10.22
Jay M. Robinson MiddleCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools10.28
Allenbrook ElementaryCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools10.91
Ardrey Kell High SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools14.98
Providence High SchoolCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools16.26
Coulwood STEM AcademyCharlotte-Mecklenburg Schools17.86
Chatham Central HighChatham County Schools-5.15
Jordan Matthews HighChatham County Schools-5.00
Chatham MiddleChatham County Schools-0.25
Bonlee SchoolChatham County Schools-0.03
Siler City ElementaryChatham County Schools0.59
Pittsboro ElementaryChatham County Schools0.62
Bennett SchoolChatham County Schools0.72
Northwood HighChatham County Schools0.74
Silk Hope SchoolChatham County Schools0.77
Horton MiddleChatham County Schools1.35
Chatham Grove ElementaryChatham County Schools1.57
J S Waters SchoolChatham County Schools1.92
Moncure SchoolChatham County Schools2.28
Chatham School of Science & EngineeringChatham County Schools2.53
North Chatham ElementaryChatham County Schools3.61
Virginia Cross ElementaryChatham County Schools3.74
Margaret B. Pollard MiddleChatham County Schools3.80
Seaforth HighChatham County Schools6.30
Perry W Harrison ElementaryChatham County Schools8.32
Hiwassee Dam HighCherokee County Schools-4.62
Andrews HighCherokee County Schools-3.01
Ranger Elementary/MiddleCherokee County Schools-1.60
The Oaks AcademyCherokee County Schools-1.45
Martins Creek Elementary/MidCherokee County Schools-0.11
Murphy HighCherokee County Schools0.15
Murphy MiddleCherokee County Schools0.23
Murphy ElementaryCherokee County Schools0.43
Andrews ElementaryCherokee County Schools0.68
Tri-County Early College HighCherokee County Schools0.77
Peachtree ElementaryCherokee County Schools0.93
Hiwassee Dam Elementary/MiddleCherokee County Schools1.29
Andrews MiddleCherokee County Schools4.33
Hayesville ElementaryClay County Schools-4.62
Hayesville MiddleClay County Schools0.38
Hayesville HighClay County Schools1.37
Elizabeth ElementaryCleveland County Schools-8.25
Shelby HighCleveland County Schools-5.80
Fallston ElementaryCleveland County Schools-5.55
Burns HighCleveland County Schools-4.29
Washington ElementaryCleveland County Schools-4.09
Kings Mountain MiddleCleveland County Schools-3.76
Bethware ElementaryCleveland County Schools-3.01
Cleveland InnovationCleveland County Schools-2.99
East ElementaryCleveland County Schools-2.53
Kings Mountain HighCleveland County Schools-2.29
Turning Point AcademyCleveland County Schools-1.99
Graham ElementaryCleveland County Schools-1.95
Burns MiddleCleveland County Schools-1.58
Jefferson ElementaryCleveland County Schools-1.29
Marion ElementaryCleveland County Schools-0.61
Casar ElementaryCleveland County Schools-0.02
Shelby MiddleCleveland County Schools0.65
Township Three ElementaryCleveland County Schools0.67
Cleveland ECHSCleveland County Schools0.81
James Love ElementaryCleveland County Schools0.86
Crest MiddleCleveland County Schools1.02
Union ElementaryCleveland County Schools1.38
Boiling Springs ElementaryCleveland County Schools2.02
Crest HighCleveland County Schools2.26
North ElementaryCleveland County Schools2.36
Grover ElementaryCleveland County Schools3.02
Kings Mountain IntermediateCleveland County Schools3.22
West ElementaryCleveland County Schools4.23
Springmore ElementaryCleveland County Schools4.42
Clinton HighClinton City Schools-3.27
Sunset Avenue ElementaryClinton City Schools1.45
Sampson MiddleClinton City Schools2.50
East Columbus Junior-Senior HighColumbus County Schools-10.16
South Columbus HighColumbus County Schools-8.70
Tabor City ElementaryColumbus County Schools-7.26
Chadbourn ElementaryColumbus County Schools-6.36
Evergreen ElementaryColumbus County Schools-3.92
Hallsboro-Artesia ElementaryColumbus County Schools-3.79
Columbus Career and College AcademyColumbus County Schools-3.75
Williams TownshipColumbus County Schools-3.14
Cerro Gordo ElementaryColumbus County Schools-2.99
Nakina MiddleColumbus County Schools-2.94
Acme Delco ElementaryColumbus County Schools-1.45
Old Dock ElementaryColumbus County Schools-0.26
West Columbus HighColumbus County Schools0.04
Tabor City MiddleColumbus County Schools1.57
West Craven HighCraven County Schools-6.01
Oaks Road AcademyCraven County Schools-2.84
Havelock MiddleCraven County Schools-2.80
Craven Virtual AcademyCraven County Schools-2.32
J T Barber ElementaryCraven County Schools-1.64
Ben D Quinn ElementaryCraven County Schools-1.37
Trent Park ElementaryCraven County Schools-0.98
Graham A Barden ElementaryCraven County Schools-0.74
New Bern HighCraven County Schools-0.73
West Craven MiddleCraven County Schools-0.62
Roger Bell New Tech AcademyCraven County Schools-0.32
Havelock ElementaryCraven County Schools0.01
Grover C Fields MiddleCraven County Schools0.37
Tucker Creek MiddleCraven County Schools0.46
Havelock HighCraven County Schools0.54
Creekside ElementaryCraven County Schools1.79
Bridgeton ElementaryCraven County Schools2.09
Craven Early College HighCraven County Schools2.10
H J MacDonald MiddleCraven County Schools2.22
Early College EAST HighCraven County Schools2.57
Arthur W Edwards ElementaryCraven County Schools3.24
Vanceboro-Farm Life ElementaryCraven County Schools3.70
W Jesse Gurganus ElementaryCraven County Schools4.98
James W Smith ElementaryCraven County Schools5.23
Brinson Memorial ElementaryCraven County Schools5.39
Albert H Bangert ElementaryCraven County Schools6.99
Cumberland Academy K-5 Virtual SchoolCumberland County Schools-6.92
Westover HighCumberland County Schools-4.21
South View HighCumberland County Schools-4.06
Cumberland Academy 6-12 Virtual SchoolCumberland County Schools-3.59
Howard Learning AcademyCumberland County Schools-2.83
Gray's Creek HighCumberland County Schools-2.76
Ramsey Street HighCumberland County Schools-2.54
Spring Lake MiddleCumberland County Schools-2.24
E E Smith HighCumberland County Schools-2.22
Terry Sanford HighCumberland County Schools-1.87
Alger B. Wilkins High SchoolCumberland County Schools-1.20
Sunnyside ElementaryCumberland County Schools-0.81
Douglas Byrd HighCumberland County Schools-0.76
South View MiddleCumberland County Schools-0.32
New Century International MiddleCumberland County Schools0.05
Ashley ElementaryCumberland County Schools0.05
College Lakes ElementaryCumberland County Schools0.10
Alderman Road ElementaryCumberland County Schools0.38
Margaret Willis ElementaryCumberland County Schools0.43
Hope Mills MiddleCumberland County Schools0.53
Gray's Creek ElementaryCumberland County Schools0.57
Lillian Black ElementaryCumberland County Schools0.58
Teresa C Berrien ElementaryCumberland County Schools0.94
John R Griffin MiddleCumberland County Schools1.07
Armstrong ElementaryCumberland County Schools1.22
Montclair ElementaryCumberland County Schools1.40
Elizabeth M Cashwell ElementaryCumberland County Schools1.67
Luther Nick Jeralds MiddleCumberland County Schools1.86
R Max Abbott MiddleCumberland County Schools1.90
William H Owen ElementaryCumberland County Schools1.96
Cliffdale ElementaryCumberland County Schools2.07
C Wayne Collier ElementaryCumberland County Schools2.27
Long Hill ElementaryCumberland County Schools2.39
Benjamin J Martin ElementaryCumberland County Schools2.57
Seventy-First HighCumberland County Schools2.61
Eastover-Central ElementaryCumberland County Schools2.63
Howard L Hall ElementaryCumberland County Schools2.65
Walker-Spivey ElementaryCumberland County Schools2.88
Mac Williams MiddleCumberland County Schools2.95
Lucile Souders ElementaryCumberland County Schools2.98
Westarea ElementaryCumberland County Schools2.99
Douglas Byrd MiddleCumberland County Schools3.04
Beaver Dam ElementaryCumberland County Schools3.13
Morganton Road ElementaryCumberland County Schools3.18
Mary McArthur ElementaryCumberland County Schools3.22
Westover MiddleCumberland County Schools3.43
Gallberry Farm ElementaryCumberland County Schools3.53
Warrenwood ElementaryCumberland County Schools3.59
Brentwood ElementaryCumberland County Schools3.68
J W Coon ElementaryCumberland County Schools3.68
Ireland Drive MiddleCumberland County Schools3.75
Cumberland International Early CollegeCumberland County Schools3.83
Reid Ross Classical HighCumberland County Schools3.85
Sherwood Park ElementaryCumberland County Schools3.92
Ed V Baldwin ElementaryCumberland County Schools4.07
Manchester ElementaryCumberland County Schools4.11
Pine Forest MiddleCumberland County Schools4.25
Gray's Creek MiddleCumberland County Schools4.41
Cross Creek Early CollegeCumberland County Schools4.48
E E Miller ElementaryCumberland County Schools4.62
Vanstory Hills ElementaryCumberland County Schools4.83
Anne Chesnutt MiddleCumberland County Schools4.92
William T Brown ElementaryCumberland County Schools5.03
Cape Fear HighCumberland County Schools5.09
Lake Rim ElementaryCumberland County Schools5.12
Ferguson-Easley ElementaryCumberland County Schools5.15
Loyd E Auman ElementaryCumberland County Schools5.38
Massey Hill Classical HighCumberland County Schools5.52
District No 7 ElementaryCumberland County Schools5.54
Stedman ElementaryCumberland County Schools5.55
Reid Ross Classical MiddleCumberland County Schools5.71
Ponderosa ElementaryCumberland County Schools6.18
E Melvin Honeycutt ElementaryCumberland County Schools6.19
Cumberland Mills ElementaryCumberland County Schools6.64
Stoney Point ElementaryCumberland County Schools6.71
New Century International ElementaryCumberland County Schools6.75
Cumberland Road ElementaryCumberland County Schools6.87
Seventy-First Classical MiddleCumberland County Schools6.95
Pine Forest HighCumberland County Schools7.05
Rockfish ElementaryCumberland County Schools7.31
J W Seabrook ElementaryCumberland County Schools7.45
Bill Hefner ElementaryCumberland County Schools7.54
Lewis Chapel MiddleCumberland County Schools8.90
Cumberland PolytechnicCumberland County Schools10.99
Jack Britt HighCumberland County Schools13.55
Currituck County HighCurrituck County Schools-4.09
Knotts Island ElementaryCurrituck County Schools-1.49
Shawboro Elementary SchoolCurrituck County Schools-1.27
Moyock ElementaryCurrituck County Schools-1.22
Moyock MiddleCurrituck County Schools-0.72
Jarvisburg ElementaryCurrituck County Schools0.03
Central ElementaryCurrituck County Schools0.12
W T Griggs ElementaryCurrituck County Schools1.54
The JP Knapp ECH (i)SchoolCurrituck County Schools2.07
Currituck County MiddleCurrituck County Schools3.03
Dare Learning AcademyDare County Schools-2.99
First Flight Elementary SchoolDare County Schools-2.94
Cape Hatteras Secondary SchoolDare County Schools-1.97
Manteo High SchoolDare County Schools0.18
Manteo Elementary SchoolDare County Schools1.01
First Flight High SchoolDare County Schools1.35
Manteo Middle SchoolDare County Schools2.93
Cape Hatteras Elementary SchoolDare County Schools3.56
Nags Head Elementary SchoolDare County Schools6.39
Kitty Hawk Elementary SchoolDare County Schools7.21
First Flight Middle SchoolDare County Schools12.26
West Davidson HighDavidson County Schools-8.49
South Davidson HighDavidson County Schools-6.95
South Davidson MiddleDavidson County Schools-5.64
Midway ElementaryDavidson County Schools-4.56
Northwest ElementaryDavidson County Schools-4.51
Central Davidson HighDavidson County Schools-4.14
Southmont ElementaryDavidson County Schools-4.14
Welcome ElementaryDavidson County Schools-3.30
Ledford MiddleDavidson County Schools-3.21
Oak Grove MiddleDavidson County Schools-3.15
E Lawson Brown MiddleDavidson County Schools-3.05
Silver Valley ElementaryDavidson County Schools-2.64
North Davidson HighDavidson County Schools-2.16
Davidson County High SchoolDavidson County Schools-2.11
Wallburg ElementaryDavidson County Schools-1.89
Brier Creek ElementaryDavidson County Schools-1.76
Tyro ElementaryDavidson County Schools-1.72
Southwood ElementaryDavidson County Schools-1.54
Ledford Senior HighDavidson County Schools-1.34
Friedberg ElementaryDavidson County Schools-1.25
Fair Grove ElementaryDavidson County Schools-1.10
Hasty ElementaryDavidson County Schools-1.05
Pilot ElementaryDavidson County Schools-0.84
Davidson Early CollegeDavidson County Schools-0.57
Denton ElementaryDavidson County Schools-0.27
Central Davidson MiddleDavidson County Schools-0.26
Davis-Townsend ElementaryDavidson County Schools-0.00
Yadkin Valley Regional Career AcademyDavidson County Schools0.05
Tyro MiddleDavidson County Schools0.28
North Davidson MiddleDavidson County Schools0.50
Churchland ElementaryDavidson County Schools0.53
Reeds ElementaryDavidson County Schools0.78
Oak Grove HighDavidson County Schools1.34
Friendship ElementaryDavidson County Schools2.53
East Davidson HighDavidson County Schools3.30
Davie County HighDavie County Schools-7.21
South Davie MiddleDavie County Schools-6.33
Pinebrook ElementaryDavie County Schools-5.28
Mocksville ElementaryDavie County Schools-4.81
Cornatzer ElementaryDavie County Schools-3.10
Davie County Virtual SchoolDavie County Schools-1.72
William R Davie ElementaryDavie County Schools-0.81
Davie County Early College HighDavie County Schools-0.44
Shady Grove ElementaryDavie County Schools1.87
North Davie MiddleDavie County Schools2.02
Cooleemee ElementaryDavie County Schools2.92
William Ellis MiddleDavie County Schools3.27
James Kenan HighDuplin County Schools-7.62
Wallace-Rose Hill HighDuplin County Schools-5.42
East Duplin HighDuplin County Schools-3.89
Beulaville ElementaryDuplin County Schools-3.06
North Duplin Jr Sr HighDuplin County Schools-2.33
Rose Hill-Magnolia ElementaryDuplin County Schools-1.73
Warsaw ElementaryDuplin County Schools-0.14
Wallace ElementaryDuplin County Schools2.55
Duplin Early College HighDuplin County Schools2.57
North Duplin ElementaryDuplin County Schools3.07
B F Grady ElementaryDuplin County Schools3.49
Kenansville ElementaryDuplin County Schools3.89
Chinquapin ElementaryDuplin County Schools4.23
Southern School of Energy and SustainabiDurham Public Schools-7.22
Northern HighDurham Public Schools-6.14
C E Jordan HighDurham Public Schools-4.45
Ignite Online AcademyDurham Public Schools-3.58
Lakeview SchoolDurham Public Schools-3.38
Durham's Performance Learning CenterDurham Public Schools-2.62
C C Spaulding ElementaryDurham Public Schools-2.12
Morehead MontessoriDurham Public Schools-1.00
Lakewood ElementaryDurham Public Schools-0.45
Neal MiddleDurham Public Schools-0.32
The School for Creative StudiesDurham Public Schools-0.25
Riverside HighDurham Public Schools0.08
Hillandale ElementaryDurham Public Schools0.12
Hillside HighDurham Public Schools0.19
W G Pearson ElementaryDurham Public Schools0.97
Y E Smith ElementaryDurham Public Schools1.09
Parkwood ElementaryDurham Public Schools1.74
E K Powe ElementaryDurham Public Schools1.79
Forest View ElementaryDurham Public Schools1.88
Fayetteville Street ElementaryDurham Public Schools2.10
Easley ElementaryDurham Public Schools2.12
Little River K-8 SchoolDurham Public Schools2.15
Durham School of TechnologyDurham Public Schools2.16
Lucas MiddleDurham Public Schools2.20
Hope Valley ElementaryDurham Public Schools2.47
Creekside ElementaryDurham Public Schools2.48
George Watts ElementaryDurham Public Schools2.54
Burton ElementaryDurham Public Schools2.95
Bethesda ElementaryDurham Public Schools2.98
Club Boulevard ElementaryDurham Public Schools3.16
Brogden MiddleDurham Public Schools3.42
Lowe's Grove MiddleDurham Public Schools3.75
Glenn ElementaryDurham Public Schools3.85
Holt ElementaryDurham Public Schools3.91
Eastway ElementaryDurham Public Schools4.00
Eno Valley ElementaryDurham Public Schools4.06
Spring Valley ElementaryDurham Public Schools5.46
Lakewood Montessori MiddleDurham Public Schools5.46
R N Harris ElementaryDurham Public Schools5.53
Oak Grove ElementaryDurham Public Schools5.54
Sandy Ridge ElementaryDurham Public Schools5.64
Southwest ElementaryDurham Public Schools5.78
Mangum ElementaryDurham Public Schools5.84
Merrick-Moore ElementaryDurham Public Schools6.67
City of Medicine AcademyDurham Public Schools6.69
J D Clement Early College HSDurham Public Schools7.60
Sherwood Githens MiddleDurham Public Schools8.14
George L Carrington MiddleDurham Public Schools9.30
Pearsontown ElementaryDurham Public Schools9.50
Rogers-Herr MiddleDurham Public Schools11.52
James E Shepard MiddleDurham Public Schools11.92
Durham School of the ArtsDurham Public Schools15.34
John A Holmes HighEdenton-Chowan Schools-5.53
D F Walker ElementaryEdenton-Chowan Schools-1.28
Chowan MiddleEdenton-Chowan Schools0.68
G W Bulluck ElementaryEdgecombe County Public Schools-7.71
W A Pattillo MiddleEdgecombe County Public Schools-6.54
Princeville ElementaryEdgecombe County Public Schools-3.38
Martin Millennium AcademyEdgecombe County Public Schools-3.13
Stocks ElementaryEdgecombe County Public Schools-2.42
Tarboro HighEdgecombe County Public Schools-1.69
G W Carver ElementaryEdgecombe County Public Schools-1.42
North Edgecombe HighEdgecombe County Public Schools-0.62
Coker-Wimberly ElementaryEdgecombe County Public Schools-0.28
SouthWest Edgecombe HighEdgecombe County Public Schools0.01
West Edgecombe MiddleEdgecombe County Public Schools0.47
South Edgecombe MiddleEdgecombe County Public Schools1.28
Phillips MiddleEdgecombe County Public Schools3.84
Edgecombe Early College HighEdgecombe County Public Schools7.69
Pasquotank County HighElizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools-5.46
J C Sawyer ElementaryElizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools-3.26
Northeastern HighElizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools-2.34
Central ElementaryElizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools-1.66
Northside ElementaryElizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools-1.03
Elizabeth City Pasquotank Early CollegeElizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools-1.00
Pasquotank ElementaryElizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools-0.91
River Road MiddleElizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools-0.90
Weeksville ElementaryElizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools-0.87
P W Moore ElementaryElizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools1.29
Sheep-Harney ElementaryElizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools2.32
Elizabeth City MiddleElizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools4.50
Elkin ElementaryElkin City Schools-1.32
Global E-Learning AcademyElkin City Schools0.30
Elkin MiddleElkin City Schools1.63
Elkin HighElkin City Schools1.90
Bunn HighFranklin County Schools-5.46
Franklinton MiddleFranklin County Schools-4.02
Bunn ElementaryFranklin County Schools0.36
Bunn MiddleFranklin County Schools1.03
Youngsville ElementaryFranklin County Schools1.17
Long Mill ElementaryFranklin County Schools1.56
Laurel Mill ElementaryFranklin County Schools1.97
Louisburg HighFranklin County Schools2.85
Terrell Lane MiddleFranklin County Schools2.87
Franklinton HighFranklin County Schools2.92
Franklinton ElementaryFranklin County Schools2.96
Cedar Creek MiddleFranklin County Schools3.02
Royal ElementaryFranklin County Schools3.45
Franklin County Early CollegeFranklin County Schools3.94
Louisburg ElementaryFranklin County Schools4.45
Edward Best ElementaryFranklin County Schools6.10
North Gaston HighGaston County Schools-9.49
Gaston Virtual AcademyGaston County Schools-7.51
Warlick AcademyGaston County Schools-4.99
Ashbrook HighGaston County Schools-4.90
W C Friday Middle SchoolGaston County Schools-4.48
Kiser ElementaryGaston County Schools-4.17
W B Beam Intermediate SchoolGaston County Schools-3.92
Hunter Huss HighGaston County Schools-3.66
W P Grier Middle SchoolGaston County Schools-3.40
Bessemer City HighGaston County Schools-3.35
Hawks Nest STEAM AcademyGaston County Schools-3.33
Sherwood ElementaryGaston County Schools-3.00
Chapel Grove ElementaryGaston County Schools-2.67
Lingerfeldt ElementaryGaston County Schools-2.63
Costner ElementaryGaston County Schools-2.18
Carr ElementaryGaston County Schools-2.08
Belmont MiddleGaston County Schools-1.81
New Hope ElementaryGaston County Schools-1.66
Holbrook MiddleGaston County Schools-1.56
Robinson ElementaryGaston County Schools-1.49
Tryon ElementaryGaston County Schools-1.31
Belmont Central ElementaryGaston County Schools-1.24
Bessemer City Central ElemGaston County Schools-1.01
Catawba Heights ElementaryGaston County Schools-0.78
Stanley MiddleGaston County Schools-0.63
Mount Holly MiddleGaston County Schools-0.61
Gardner Park ElementaryGaston County Schools-0.53
H H Beam ElementaryGaston County Schools-0.13
John Chavis Middle SchoolGaston County Schools-0.12
Woodhill ElementaryGaston County Schools0.12
Edward D Sadler Jr Elementary SchoolGaston County Schools0.17
Bessemer City MiddleGaston County Schools0.25
McAdenville ElementaryGaston County Schools1.02
Stuart W Cramer HighGaston County Schools1.05
Pleasant Ridge ElementaryGaston County Schools1.37
Ida Rankin Elementary SchoolGaston County Schools1.55
Cherryville HighGaston County Schools1.62
York Chester MiddleGaston County Schools1.65
Cherryville ElementaryGaston County Schools1.66
East Gaston HighGaston County Schools2.44
Forestview HighGaston County Schools2.97
W A Bess Elementary SchoolGaston County Schools3.21
Brookside ElementaryGaston County Schools3.26
Lowell ElementaryGaston County Schools3.72
Gaston Early College of Medical SciencesGaston County Schools3.89
Southwest MiddleGaston County Schools4.83
North Belmont ElementaryGaston County Schools4.89
Pinewood ElementaryGaston County Schools4.92
Gaston Early College High SchoolGaston County Schools5.54
Highland Sch of TechnologyGaston County Schools7.78
South Point HighGaston County Schools7.92
Cramerton MiddleGaston County Schools8.00
Gatesville ElementaryGates County Schools-2.99
Gates County Senior HighGates County Schools-1.52
Buckland ElementaryGates County Schools-0.84
T S Cooper ElementaryGates County Schools2.42
Central Middle SchoolGates County Schools4.47
Robbinsville ElementaryGraham County Schools-2.78
Robbinsville MiddleGraham County Schools-2.42
Robbinsville HighGraham County Schools0.96
South Granville HighGranville County Schools-7.60
Granville Central HighGranville County Schools-6.21
Granville AcademyGranville County Schools-3.15
J. F. Webb HighGranville County Schools-2.76
C. G. Credle ElementaryGranville County Schools-1.04
Creedmoor ElementaryGranville County Schools-0.74
West Oxford ElementaryGranville County Schools-0.37
Northern Granville MiddleGranville County Schools0.03
G. C. Hawley MiddleGranville County Schools0.55
Butner-Stem MiddleGranville County Schools0.68
Wilton ElementaryGranville County Schools0.86
Mount Energy ElementaryGranville County Schools1.07
Butner-Stem ElementaryGranville County Schools3.00
Stovall-Shaw ElementaryGranville County Schools4.49
Tar River ElementaryGranville County Schools5.58
Granville Early College HighGranville County Schools6.08
Greene County MiddleGreene County Schools-6.02
Greene County IntermediateGreene County Schools-1.26
West Greene ElementaryGreene County Schools0.57
Greene Central HighGreene County Schools1.73
Greene Early College HighGreene County Schools3.22
Eastern Guilford HighGuilford County Schools-11.83
Eastern Guilford MiddleGuilford County Schools-9.63
Southern Guilford HighGuilford County Schools-9.46
High Point Central HighGuilford County Schools-9.10
Southwest Guilford HighGuilford County Schools-8.68
Southwest Guilford MiddleGuilford County Schools-7.94
Ferndale MiddleGuilford County Schools-7.59
Swann Middle SchoolGuilford County Schools-6.66
Guilford eLearning Virtual SchoolGuilford County Schools-6.57
Stokesdale ElementaryGuilford County Schools-6.41
Madison ElementaryGuilford County Schools-6.31
T Wingate Andrews HighGuilford County Schools-6.26
Penn-Griffin SchoolsGuilford County Schools-5.94
Western Guilford HighGuilford County Schools-5.72
George C Simkins Jr ElementaryGuilford County Schools-5.71
Southeast Guilford HighGuilford County Schools-5.34
Millis Road ElementaryGuilford County Schools-5.06
Northern Guilford HighGuilford County Schools-4.78
Southeast Guilford MiddleGuilford County Schools-4.57
Sternberger ElementaryGuilford County Schools-4.45
Northern Guilford ElementaryGuilford County Schools-4.25
Allen Jay Middle - A Preparatory AcademyGuilford County Schools-4.24
James B Dudley HighGuilford County Schools-4.24
Page HighGuilford County Schools-4.08
Gibsonville ElementaryGuilford County Schools-4.03
Shadybrook ElementaryGuilford County Schools-3.99
Allen MiddleGuilford County Schools-3.86
Southern Guilford MiddleGuilford County Schools-3.84
Guilford eLearning University PrepGuilford County Schools-3.75
Western Guilford MiddleGuilford County Schools-3.67
Oak View ElementaryGuilford County Schools-3.42
Alamance ElementaryGuilford County Schools-3.42
Gillespie Park ElementaryGuilford County Schools-3.39
Allen Jay ElementaryGuilford County Schools-3.33
Claxton ElementaryGuilford County Schools-3.28
Sedgefield ElementaryGuilford County Schools-3.22
Ronald E. McNair ElementaryGuilford County Schools-3.15
Kirkman Park ElementaryGuilford County Schools-3.03
Brooks Global ElementaryGuilford County Schools-2.98
Vandalia ElementaryGuilford County Schools-2.89
Northeast Guilford HighGuilford County Schools-2.86
Southern ElementaryGuilford County Schools-2.77
Jamestown MiddleGuilford County Schools-2.62
Guilford ElementaryGuilford County Schools-2.58
Sumner ElementaryGuilford County Schools-2.54
Edwin A Alderman ElementaryGuilford County Schools-2.49
Oak Hill ElementaryGuilford County Schools-2.47
Lucy Ragsdale HighGuilford County Schools-2.47
Jesse Wharton ElemGuilford County Schools-2.40
Lincoln AcademyGuilford County Schools-2.37
Colfax ElementaryGuilford County Schools-2.18
James Y Joyner ElementaryGuilford County Schools-2.17
Rankin ElementaryGuilford County Schools-2.17
Irving Park ElementaryGuilford County Schools-2.11
Philip J Weaver Ed CenterGuilford County Schools-2.08
Brown Summit MiddleGuilford County Schools-1.94
Cyrus P Frazier ElementaryGuilford County Schools-1.84
Florence ElementaryGuilford County Schools-1.80
Brightwood ElementaryGuilford County Schools-1.79
UNCG Early/Middle CollegeGuilford County Schools-1.77
Sedalia ElementaryGuilford County Schools-1.75
Grimsley HighGuilford County Schools-1.68
Fairview ElementaryGuilford County Schools-1.65
Union Hill ElementaryGuilford County Schools-1.54
Summerfield ElementaryGuilford County Schools-1.54
Washington ElementaryGuilford County Schools-1.37
McLeansville ElementaryGuilford County Schools-1.34
Ceasar Cone ElementaryGuilford County Schools-1.18
Northwest Guilford HighGuilford County Schools-1.10
Reedy Fork ElementaryGuilford County Schools-1.00
Morehead ElementaryGuilford County Schools-0.97
Pilot ElementaryGuilford County Schools-0.96
Monticello-Brown Summit ElemGuilford County Schools-0.94
Northeast Guilford MiddleGuilford County Schools-0.88
Erwin MontessoriGuilford County Schools-0.59
Montlieu Academy of TechnologyGuilford County Schools-0.58
Waldo C Falkener Sr ElementaryGuilford County Schools-0.39
Middle College at NC A&TGuilford County Schools-0.29
Pleasant Garden ElementaryGuilford County Schools-0.17
David D Jones ElementaryGuilford County Schools-0.08
Kernodle MiddleGuilford County Schools-0.01
Wiley Accel/EnrichmentGuilford County Schools0.01
Northern Guilford MiddleGuilford County Schools0.05
Triangle Lake Montessori ElemGuilford County Schools0.07
Murphey Traditional AcademyGuilford County Schools0.13
John Van Lindley ElementaryGuilford County Schools0.15
Oak Ridge ElementaryGuilford County Schools0.33
Parkview Village ElementaryGuilford County Schools0.35
Johnson Street Global StudiesGuilford County Schools0.40
Northwest Guilford MiddleGuilford County Schools0.47
STEM Early College @ NC A&T SUGuilford County Schools0.49
Kearns AcademyGuilford County Schools0.57
GTCC Middle College HighGuilford County Schools0.71
General Greene ElementaryGuilford County Schools0.88
Jamestown ElementaryGuilford County Schools1.05
Clara J Peck ElementaryGuilford County Schools1.06
Academy at SmithGuilford County Schools1.09
Hunter ElementaryGuilford County Schools1.22
Jefferson ElementaryGuilford County Schools1.26
Northwood ElementaryGuilford County Schools1.30
Nathanael Greene ElementaryGuilford County Schools1.43
Bessemer ElementaryGuilford County Schools1.44
Peeler Open ElementaryGuilford County Schools1.51
Bluford ElementaryGuilford County Schools1.76
Southwest ElementaryGuilford County Schools1.86
Welborn MiddleGuilford County Schools2.07
Mendenhall MiddleGuilford County Schools2.11
Jackson MiddleGuilford County Schools2.20
Kiser MiddleGuilford County Schools2.27
Julius I Foust ElementaryGuilford County Schools2.42
EP Pearce ElementaryGuilford County Schools2.99
Archer ElementaryGuilford County Schools3.15
Early College at GuilfordGuilford County Schools3.17
Middle College at GTCC-GreensboroGuilford County Schools3.75
Middle College at GTCC-High PointGuilford County Schools4.00
Ben L. Smith High SchoolGuilford County Schools4.12
Otis L Hairston Sr MiddleGuilford County Schools5.34
Northwest Halifax Collegiate and Technical AcademyHalifax County Schools-4.72
William R Davie Middle S.T.E.M. AcademyHalifax County Schools-4.70
Everetts Elementary S.T.E.M. AcademyHalifax County Schools-3.82
Southeast Halifax Collegiate Prep AcademyHalifax County Schools-2.41
Halifax County Early College HighHalifax County Schools-0.88
Pittman Elementary Leadership AcademyHalifax County Schools0.86
Hollister Elementary Leadership AcademyHalifax County Schools1.40
Enfield Middle S.T.E.A.M. AcademyHalifax County Schools1.48
Aurelian Springs Institute of Global LearningHalifax County Schools2.36
Scotland Neck Elementary Leadership AcademyHalifax County Schools2.80
Inborden Elementary S.T.E.A.M. AcademyHalifax County Schools4.10
Wayne Avenue ElementaryHarnett County Schools-7.50
Overhills ElementaryHarnett County Schools-7.48
Highland ElementaryHarnett County Schools-6.79
Western Harnett HighHarnett County Schools-6.78
Harnett Central HighHarnett County Schools-5.79
Harnett Virtual AcademyHarnett County Schools-3.81
STAR AcademyHarnett County Schools-3.24
South Harnett ElementaryHarnett County Schools-2.79
Overhills HighHarnett County Schools-2.06
Highland MiddleHarnett County Schools-2.05
Coats ElementaryHarnett County Schools-1.72
Harnett Central MiddleHarnett County Schools-1.62
Triton HighHarnett County Schools-1.40
Boone Trail ElementaryHarnett County Schools-0.88
Johnsonville ElementaryHarnett County Schools-0.76
LaFayette ElementaryHarnett County Schools-0.45
Erwin ElementaryHarnett County Schools-0.18
Harnett County Early CollegeHarnett County Schools0.59
Lillington-Shawtown ElementaryHarnett County Schools1.10
Dunn ElementaryHarnett County Schools1.59
Overhills MiddleHarnett County Schools2.11
Coats-Erwin MiddleHarnett County Schools2.75
Buies Creek ElementaryHarnett County Schools2.77
Angier ElementaryHarnett County Schools3.04
Dunn MiddleHarnett County Schools3.51
Benhaven ElementaryHarnett County Schools3.86
Western Harnett MiddleHarnett County Schools7.93
Bethel ElementaryHaywood County Schools-2.51
Hazelwood ElementaryHaywood County Schools-2.09
Waynesville MiddleHaywood County Schools-2.06
Junaluska ElementaryHaywood County Schools-1.64
North Canton ElementaryHaywood County Schools-1.63
Central Haywood HighHaywood County Schools-1.54
Meadowbrook ElementaryHaywood County Schools0.24
Riverbend ElementaryHaywood County Schools0.43
Bethel MiddleHaywood County Schools0.44
Jonathan Valley ElementaryHaywood County Schools0.72
Tuscola HighHaywood County Schools0.79
Clyde ElementaryHaywood County Schools1.72
Haywood Early CollegeHaywood County Schools3.05
Canton MiddleHaywood County Schools4.06
Pisgah HighHaywood County Schools8.47
Edneyville ElementaryHenderson County Schools-6.32