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Roster Verification

Subjects and grades that should have rosters

All year-long and semester-long subjects and courses in which state assessments are administered should have rosters.

Type of Assessment

Subjects and Grades Included in Spring Roster Verification

K-2Early Literacy - mCLASS
End of Grade

Math and Reading in grades 3-8

Science in grades 5 and 8

End of Course

Math 1 and 3, English II, and Biology

CTE Post-Assessment

See CTE Courses included in Roster Verification

For information on which teachers should verify rosters, see Teachers Participating.

How do users know whether to add rosters? Add a roster if a teacher who had direct instructional responsibility for a subject or course that appears in the table above does not have a roster for that subject or course.

How do users know whether to remove rosters? Remove rosters for courses in which no state test is administered (for example, AP courses).