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Roster Verification

Teachers who are, and are not, participating in Roster Verification

Teachers who have direct instructional responsibility for students in classes in which the assessments listed here are administered should participate in roster verification. The table below provides more information about which teachers participate.

Teacher type



K-2 teachers who provide reading instruction


As described here, kindergarten teachers only claim from MOY to EOY.

Middle-school CTE


High-school CTE


Click here to see CTE courses that are included in Roster Verification

Occupational Course of Study (OCS)


If students participate in EOGs or EOCs, include them on rosters for each subject. For instructions, click here.

Support teachers

AIG, ESL, EC, and other specialists


If they teach classes in which the assessments listed here are administered.

Teachers who are not being evaluated under the NC Educator Evaluation System


Teacher who has left the district


A school admin must either:

· Verify rosters for the teacher.

· Remove the teacher. Students on that teacher's rosters will likely be underclaimed or not claimed at all.

Teacher assistants, student teachers


The teacher of record maintains responsibility for the students while the teacher assistant provides instruction.

Long-term substitutes

Only if they receive a summative evaluation rating

Long-term substitutes should not be included in roster verification unless they receive a summative evaluation rating from the school or district.

Teachers of Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses


Exception: AP Biology

Since AP and IB courses have different standards and are not tested with state assessments (EOCs), teachers of AP and IB courses do not complete rosters for those courses.

Exception: AP Biology. Students who have never taken the Biology EOC must take the assessment and their AP Biology teacher will need to complete roster verification for these students.

Teachers who work with students on below grade-level skills in courses in which the students will be assessed using one of the state assessments


If the work with students increases the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in mastering the content standards on which students are being assessed, they should claim that student and reflect the percentage of that student's instruction that they are delivering.

North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) teachers

North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) teachers participate in roster verification for assessments administered for NCVPS courses in which EOCs are administered.

NCVPS teachers should claim students on their NCVPS rosters and not on rosters in other districts. Click here for more information.