Table of Contents
Roster Verification

Training and Support

The steps below describe the most efficient way to find answers to your questions.

Step 1: Refer to online resources

  • Navigate the TOC in this online help to find step-by-step instructions for all the actions that you can perform at this time.
  • If you need help calculating your instructional responsibility, refer to the help for Claiming Instructional Responsibility.

Step 2: Contact someone locally

  • Teachers send questions to a school admin.
  • School admin send questions to a district admin or district testing coordinator.
  • District admins and district testing coordinators send questions to a regional accountability coordinator.
  • Regional accountability coordinators send questions to NCDPI.

Step 3: Contact EVAAS or NCDPI

  • If you have questions about managing user accounts or using the Roster Verification application, contact EVAAS Technical Support.
  • If the materials in this online help do not answer your questions about calculating your instructional responsibility, contact NCDPI.