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Roster Verification

Specifying Instructional Responsibility

Users specify instructional responsibility by using two columns: Student + Teacher Assignment and Your % of Instruction. The resources in this section describe how to determine what to enter in each column in a variety of instructional situations.

The values for Student + Teacher Assignment and Your % of Instruction are used to calculate the teacher's total instructional responsibility. Only the total is used for the teacher's value-added estimate.

Do not include teachers' or students' general school attendance in these percentages. Your school or district submits attendance data to EVAAS separately.

Sample Scenarios offer suggestions for how to calculate instructional responsibility in a variety of instructional scenarios.

The Roster Verification FAQ addresses common questions such as who should verify rosters.

NCDPI provides worksheets that facilitate calculating instructional responsibility. One is for semester-long courses and the other is for year-long courses.

If you need additional assistance after reviewing these resources, follow these guidelines on whom to contact.

  • Teachers: Contact a school admin or school testing/RV coordinator.
  • School admins: Contact a district admin or district testing coordinator.
  • District admins: Contact a regional case manager (RCM).
  • RCMs: Contact NCDPI.
About the importance of data accuracy
After Roster Verification ends, EVAAS uses the data in the submitted rosters to calculate teachers' value-added measures. In addition, state legislation increasingly relies on growth data for making policy decisions that have an impact on schools and teachers. Therefore, it is critical that the data in the rosters is accurate and teachers personally approve their rosters instead of letting them auto-submit.
  • Teachers, school admins, and district admins should work together to ensure that the final verified rosters are accurate.
  • The final verified rosters in Roster Verification are the authoritative source for teacher-student linkages and for the percentage of instructional responsibility each teacher has for each student in subjects tested with a state assessment.
  • Pre-populated rosters that have not been verified by teachers and admins are neither definitive nor accurate in representing how instruction is delivered in classrooms.
  • Roster Verification is the only way to ensure accurate representation of instructional responsibility.
  • To ensure data integrity, teachers should be proactive in reviewing rosters before they are submitted by the district admin and should communicate with others in the district to ensure that the final verified rosters are accurate. Once Roster Verification ends, roster data cannot be changed by either NCDPI or EVAAS.

As you work through these rosters, remember to save your changes. If you make a change that you do not want to keep, click Cancel Changes.

If you set a percentage to zero and click Save Changes, the student is removed from the roster. Removed students are shown at the bottom of the roster. If you accidentally remove a student, click Restore.