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Teacher Evaluation Dashboard

The Teacher Evaluation Dashboard displays a teacher's ratings on standards one through five in the NC Educator Evaluation System.

Standards One Through Five

The report displays the teacher's ratings for standards one through five. These standards reflect the teacher's demonstrated professional competencies, instructional practices, and involvement in the school community. These standards are qualitative measures, based primarily on observations and teacher-submitted artifacts. Each of these standards has five possible ratings. These color-coded ratings are Not Demonstrated, Developing, Proficient, Accomplished, and Distinguished. For these standards, a rating of Proficient or higher meets professional expectations for teachers.

Some teachers do not have ratings for all five of these standards. Principals have the option of completing an abbreviated evaluation for career-status teachers. In the abbreviated evaluation, only some of the standards are populated.

Teachers Who Moved from One District to Another

Because the Teacher Evaluation Dashboard is considered part of a teacher's personnel record, the report cannot display data related to the teacher's employment in a different district than the one in which he/she is currently employed.