Table of Contents

Human Capital Retention Dashboard

Getting Started

When the Human Capital Retention Dashboard for the school you selected opens, you see a set of options for selecting the tests, subjects, and grades that you want to view.

Creating a Report

  1. Select a Test/Subject Group.
  2. Select a Year Comparison.
  3. Select tested grades and subjects or courses individually, or click Select All.
  4. Click Create Report.

Modifying a Report

Comparing a School to the District or State

If you are viewing a school report, you can use the District and State buttons between the chart and table to add the teacher data for the district or state to the report. When you do this, a district or state bar appears in each section of the chart, a district or state pillar appears to the right of the chart, and district or state data appears in the table.

If you are viewing a district report, only the State button is available.

Viewing Different Tests, Subjects, and Grades

  • To add data to a report, select additional tests, subjects, and grades. When you click Create Report, the report refreshes with new data.
  • To start over with a new set of selections, click Deselect All, make selections, and click Create Report again.

Viewing a Different School

To view data for a different school, select it from the Schools tab.

You cannot save or export these reports, but you can print them.