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School Accountability Growth Report

School Accountability Growth reports display overall growth index values that indicate whether the school's students, on average, exceeded, met, or did not meet Expected Growth across tested grades and subjects. The report displays single-year index values for up to three years.

A table at the bottom of the report lists the assessments included in the index values for the selected school.

Index values are based on both the value-added growth measures and their standard errors. Specifically, the index for a grade and subject or course is growth measure divided by its standard error. The index values reported here are based on growth data across grades and subjects. Because the index values are all on the same scale, regardless of which tests are included, they provide a fair and equitable way to compare growth across years and across schools.

Growth Indicators are displayed next to each index. The levels are determined using the following rules.

Growth IndicatorGrowth Index ValueInterpretation

Exceeds Expected Growth

2.00 or higher

Significant evidence that the school's students made more progress than expected growth.

Meets Expected Growth

Between -2.00 and 2.00

Evidence that the school's students met expected growth.

Does Not Meet Expected Growth

Less than -2.00

Significant evidence that the school's students made less progress than expected growth.

When an index falls exactly on the boundary between two levels, the higher level is assigned.