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Roster Verification

Student + Teacher Assignment

Student + Teacher Assignment is the percentage of the semester or school year when the student is enrolled in the teacher's class or assigned to their caseload. Initially, for most regular classroom teachers and some instructional support teachers, this column contains the same values that were in PowerSchool. NCDPI provides worksheets to help users determine the correct percentages for Student + Teacher Assignment. You might need to adjust the values in situations such as:

  • a teacher who began teaching in the district after the year had started or left before the last day of the class
  • a student who moved from one teacher's class to another during the school year/semester
  • a teacher who has approved extended absences
  • a student who began the course after the first day or left the course before the last day of class

For help determining Student + Teacher Assignment based on the number of days that a teacher and student were enrolled together, refer to the Student + Teacher Assignment worksheets (NCDPI provides one for semester-long courses and another for year-long courses).

To figure out or verify the percentage of the semester or school year that the student has been assigned to a teacher:

  1. Open the worksheet for either year-long or semester-long courses.
  2. Determine which day of the semester or school year the student was enrolled or began receiving instruction from the teacher.
  3. In the worksheet, find that day in either the first or third column depending on how many days are in your semester or school year.
  4. Read one column to the right to find the percentage that you should use.

For example, if the student started school on the 10th day in a 185-day school year, the worksheet indicates the Student + Teacher Assignment should be 95%.